Publish one place file to multiple places slots at once

This optional functionality would be really appreciated when publishing games.

I can give a very solid use case for such a feature. Some developers, such as myself have different variants of our games within our game’s universe. For example, a PC version, a mobile version, a console version, all contained within the same universe.

The place file which I publish to each of the place slots is identical. Within the game’s code it detects the current PlaceId and changes stuff to suit the platform. This saves me from having to maintain three varying place files. The issue is I have to update 3 different place slots every time I make an update. It’s tedious and it’s daunting. Having an option to publish a place file simultaneously to multiple place slots would be a godsend.


I’m a bit confused about the use case. Why are you publishing one place to three different place slots? Why not just have one place slot that accepts players from all your supported platforms?

I was using it as an example case.

Think about in games that are more competitive where you want to separate different platforms apart to prevent unfair competition amongst players.
If you think about a mobile player vs a PC player in a game where they have to shoot each other with a laser gun or something, the mobile player will easily be at a handicap in almost all circumstances.

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It sounds like the solution to this is to have per-platform servers. Not a hacky workaround using places. That would split your visit count, revenue reports, etc.


Perhaps, but I was just using that as an easy to understand example of a use case. I have more use cases, and even one I’m facing right now personally where having this as a feature would greatly improve my developing experience.

Could you elaborate?

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For me personally, I have a testing place and a live server - quite often I’ve needed to upload to both place files. Having a check box next to each place file in the upload box to select the ones to upload would be really useful!

This would actually help me a lot. I have a lobby server and the main game server, and their place files are identical. Being able to upload the same place file once would be nice.

If you’re uploading to both at the same time, you really aren’t utilising the testing place.

Well normally I make changes and upload to the testing place to test, but quite often, if I make a change on the testing place, I want it to go live on the main place as well so it would just be useful to have this feature :slight_smile:

Five years later and this feature is still request amongst developers.

As someone who uses the same code and builds in multiple places under the same experience, this would be such a boost to the quality of life when it comes to the workflow of my games.