Publishing peoples faces

So you may have noticed a lot of nextbots with decals of real people (meme) photos for instance meme faces, and im trying to upload a photo of a funny guy to make a nextbot with no profanity and so on, but whenever i do that, roblox disables that decal in some minutes , this is a decal itself

  1. Is there a way to publish real people meme face photos?
    2.if no why ae there nextbots with peoples faces

Hey @shlyapniq!

On the Roblox platform, players are not allowed to share their/another person’s private information such as full name, pictures, email, and so on that are available through Roblox Community Standards > Security and Privacy > Article 28:

Although, in cases of using a real photo of a well-known actor/actress, this may answer for the case:

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Commonly, these faces are surfaced as memes and often from a viral source on the internet. However, the problem is that sometimes the person does not understand the safety of using real material(e.g. your own face) if it went public and if unprepared for. The underlying reason might be publishing it for the sake of the meme. Also has liability issues concerning active policies on the platform, that ties to local laws wherever the operations are situated at.


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