Purchasing In-Experience Limited Items from Resellers

Hi Creators,

Over the past few months, we have seen creative and exciting use of Limiteds. Previously, purchases of Limiteds within an experience have only been possible for the original quantities of an item. We’ve heard your feedback on wanting this to extend to resale quantities as well.

We are excited to announce that starting today, we are enabling in-experience purchasing of community-created Limiteds for resellers, giving creators more opportunities to earn. People can now purchase items from resellers within an experience, both through prompted purchases and the inspect menu.

For example, in the past, Limited items that were out of original quantities were no longer acquirable in the inspect menu. Now, there will be a way to purchase resale quantities.

For items that have both original and resale quantities available:

  • With PromptPurchase, users will be prompted to buy the original quantity first
  • In the inspect menu, users will be prompted to buy the lowest priced quantity

The following is the breakdown of the earning percentages for community-created Limited resales.

  • 50% to reseller
  • 10% to creator
  • 10% to seller/affiliate
  • 30% to Roblox

In the case of a resale purchase happening in an experience, the experience owner is the affiliate that will receive a 10% commission for the transaction.

We’d also like to remind you that prompted purchases of Limiteds should come from the server, rather than the client. Prompted purchases of Limiteds from the client could result in non-deterministic behavior.

We are so excited to see how this gets used.

Thank you!


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So to clarify, does the reseller have to be in-experience to sell it through the inspect menu, or can a user just buy the next cheapest listing, regardless if the reseller is present?


Yes!!! I’ve been waiting for this for so long. This will be huge.

For items that have both original and resale quantities available:
With PromptPurchase, users will be prompted to buy the original quantity first
In the inspect menu, users will be prompted to buy the lowest priced quantity

But why can’t we just do a simple PromptPurchase which automatically prompts the player to purchase the item with the lowest available price? Seems anti-UX to require that extra step in games that promote purchasing ugc limiteds.

In the future maybe more developer control?

:ViewResales() – maybe returns pages of resales with UAID, price, and serial?
:PromptPurchaseResale() – maybe accepts specific UAID/serial?


when can we expect to see trading enabled on UGC limiteds?

it’s been a bummer seeing this feature not even appear on the roadmap :frown:


If trading gets added for UGC limiteds, it should be a seperate trading system from real limiteds


It wouldn’t make sense to do this with PromptPurchase if you’re the creator of limited item. Because if you’re the creator of the item, you’ll want to sell the original stock because you earn more. I wouldn’t want my in-game ugc place to stop selling the original stock and instead start selling from resellers.


This is great news! I can’t wait to see what other benefits are planned :eyes:

Roblox seems to be killing it with these updates! :fire:

Is there any security to stop possible limited thefts?


announce better ugc moderation next


That’s true it wouldn’t make sense for the creator to do that. But for people looking to find deals on limiteds it would make sense to allow developers to prompt purchases on specific copies, or specifically the lowest price available of the item.


You should also let us know when you actually start to moderate the program and what people upload.

I won’t hold my breath.


Is this for UGC Limiteds only or roblox limiteds too?


having all resales available to public wouldn’t be a good thing, some people don’t want to have their limited purchases being public including myself


What do you mean… resales are already public, you can see them when you go to an item’s page on the catalog.


How’s that limiteds rugpull going, what’s the ETA? I noticed a bunch of people got kicked and a measly five (5) full piece dominus were deleted. All of the hundreds of multi-piece items are still up of course and still being uploaded on a daily basis.

Weird coincidence that both Linkmon99 and Lonnie / GPR3 have been completely silent on the topic of clone items in the past month or so. I wonder how much it cost Roblox to pay for their silence.

Looks like the limiteds rugpull will continue, I’m excited to see every single item go right to zero with all of the 1:1 fakes uploaded via public UGC!

If you’re wondering what the limiteds rugpull is, here is your explanation: UGC Program: Updates to avatar bodies and heads + opening up creation - #30 by Maxxell


I can’t get this to work. The specific item I am testing with is Catrin Dia de Muertos Mask - Roblox

Calling the below from the server…

game:GetService("MarketplaceService"):PromptPurchase(game.Players.Offpath, 2528066922)

Results in the following on the client:


yeah, but unless you are the buyer or re-seller, you can’t see who purchased the last copy sold of an item, for example a 100k robux limited. nobody can see that sale other than the reseller and buyer. if others could see sales like that, it would be pretty much breaking people’s privacy. not even rolimons can show those sales, i don’t see why roblox themselves would do such a thing. people would just start looking at buyers of items to do malicious stuff to them


I have found myself in this dilemma many times before. thank you for this update, very good quality of life and earns more developers money while at it.


I now have an additional edge over n00bz that don’t know how to generate their own affiliate cut. Can I get an affiliate bonus from sharing a URL to the item as well? And can you make that work for myself? It’d make the whole process a lot easier, thanks for the discount!


Does this only work with player-made UGC Limiteds?