Purge old assets without risk of getting banned

Recently a friend of mine received a warning for an asset they uploaded sometime in 2012, which prompted me to make this feature request.

Problem: As a developer, it is hard to sleep at night knowing that assets I have uploaded almost a decade ago put my account at risk of ban or termination due to Roblox making changes in their TOS since then.

Solution: If we were to have a feature on our assets that allows us to purge/content-delete them ourselves without the risk of getting banned, I think it would help ease a lot of older users minds. This feature would ideally be locked behind your account PIN.

As of late it seems like I can’t even delete my own assets out of my inventory, let alone hide them from other users. I enjoy making models for people to use for free - which means I like to keep my inventory open for public view, but this also exposes my account to risk of bans/termination because something I uploaded a decade ago and passed moderation could get me banned today if a user decides to report it.

Recently I received a warning for uploading the image of a lowercase “e”, then a 7 day ban for a band logo which I didn’t realize broke the TOS, so I’m afraid that I’m dancing on the edge of termination here because I was very active in uploading assets before 2013. Staff feedback would be appreciated here, thank you.


I’d also like to clarify that this isn’t just because people are able to get warnings/bans over assets they’ve uploaded under a different set of TOS, but this is also a symptom of an overarching issue of ownership over assets that you upload.

If I create content on the Roblox platform I should be able to remove it just as easily as I publish it - whether or not people want to save copies is up to them and that would come down to consent/licensing.


At a young age, people can be very immature and do things that they might regret in the future. We should 100% have the ability to delete our own content from the website at any time, for any given reason. This should also be locked behind the Account PIN feature for security purposes.



Is the email listed in this announcement still working?

When they announced this, I immediately went through my ~13 years of account history and had everything dubious wiped for peace of mind. (even non-IP-related things) You should do the same if it’s still available.


It finally happened, I received a warning for an asset I created eight years ago. If nothing is changed in this regard soon then I’m afraid my account will eventually be terminated for assets I had uploaded nearly a decade ago :cold_sweat:

All I’m asking is for a way to content-delete the potentially dubious assets I had created years ago without the risk of adding onto my moderation record. I’d love to send an email to the IP Infringement Policy email that buildthomas mentioned but I’m afraid that my account will be moderated en-mass when I hand over the list of potentially dubious assets I want to purge.

By handing out moderation strikes to older users for assets they uploaded years ago under different sets of ToS, Roblox is signaling that they’re working to retroactively punish said users. Giving someone a warning for something they uploaded almost a decade ago does not help anyone, and thinking otherwise is nothing short of ridiculous. Roblox should consider the fact that we were not able to see into the future at the time we uploaded these assets, thus having no idea we would eventually be punished when the Terms of Service changed.

One alternative proposed by a user who reached out to me (Almonty7655) is to treat old assets under their original Terms of Service (i.e. ToS at the time the asset was uploaded) in a “grandfathering” system of sorts.

My suggested alternative is for Roblox to still delete any asset that breaks their current ToS, but do not hand out moderation strikes if the asset was uploaded under a different set of ToS. I would love to hear anyone’s thoughts as to why this would not be a reasonable request.


Didn’t happen for me or anyone else, you should just try it. Or ask a DevRel contact if they can forward it if the email no longer works.

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I’m currently awaiting a response from Dev Engagement because they reached out to me before saying I should contact them in regards to moderation issues. Given that they didn’t respond to my last inquiry, I’m not sure how hopeful to be in regards to receiving a response on this topic :confused:

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Hey, I am having this same issue right now. How do I contact someone from Dev Engagement and did they ever get back to you?

You should archive any assets you wish to remove, and for any assets that cannot be archived (clothing) you should contact copyright_agent@roblox.com . You need to explain that you would like the assets removed from your account and what your username is, and then send links to the assets. They are supposed to remove them in 30 days, but that often doesn’t happen. If you are moderated for those assets you will just need to reply to them so they can remove the ban/strike. They will not moderate you for these assets as you are asking for them to be removed from your own account. Any assets under your account breaking the TOS and you do not request to be removed are fair game for your account to be moderated.


Yup, I emailed that email address over a month ago and they haven’t deleted any of my clothing. I guess I’ll just use that email as proof if Roblox decides to ban me for them. This whole system is way more complicated than it needs to be.

As they state in the email, if you have any future issues you can reply to the email for assistance. In my experience, they have always honored that statement and reversed moderation for assets sent to them for deletion.

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