Putting Together a Team [Insert Avengers Theme Here]

Hey developers! As the title suggests, I’m looking to put together a team of developers who are willing to come together and work on a project that I’ve been envisioning for a couple months now. The project details will be explained in detail to those who are selected for the project at a later date, but for now what I can say is that it will be a unique game for Roblox that involves competitive, team-based gameplay.

Also, please note that I am not offering any financial compensation for participating in this project (i.e. dollars/robux per hour and/or lump-sum dollars/robux upon completion), and that each team member will share the profits of the game after launch. I know this isn’t an attractive offer, and if you are not okay with this, please disregard as this project most likely is not for you.

About Me

My name is Chris, aka coleifornia. I’ve been on Roblox since Jan. 19, 2010 with about 7 years experience building, and about 3 years experience scripting. I’d rate my building abilities around an 8/10, and my scripting abilities around a 5/10. If you’d like to take a look at my portfolio, you can click here.

Twitter - @coleifornia_
Discord - coleifornia#4530

About The Job

This job will require a team of people, and will only work with efficient and clear communication between all parties involved. Because of this, weekly (and possibly daily) progress reports (to be submitted on Discord) will be required to ensure the team stays on track. I’m hoping to release the game around the beginning of August.

As I stated above, the game will involve competitive, team-based gameplay. Additionally, it will be classified as a first-person shooter. Below is a description of who I’m looking for and what you will do when working on the project. Additionally, a more in-depth description of your duties will be provided upon acceptance of the position.

I’m looking to hire one (1) to two (2) people as scripters for the project. One will handle the main game mechanics (matchmaking, round system, player progression system, etc.) while the other will handle weapons systems. Background in these fields is definitely a plus, as well as a background using DataStores and Cross-Platform development. Payment: 20-40% of game profits.

3D Asset Developer
I’m looking to hire one(1) to two (2) people as 3D asset developers for the project. You will both be developing the weapon models for the game, as well as any other small assets as needed. All assets will be low-poly. Payment: 10-20% of game profits.

UI Developer
I’m looking to hire one (1) person to be the UI developer for the project. You will handle all UI throughout the game. Payment: 10% of game profits.

I’m looking to hire one (1) person to be the animator for the project. You will handle all player animations throughout the game. Payment: 10% of game profits.


I know I didn’t go into depth about a lot of the project, so naturally I expect there to be questions. Please reach out to me on Discord or shoot me a private message on the DevForums if you do have any questions and/or are interested in the project.

Thanks for reading!

Applicants must be 13 years or older to apply.


I would highly suggest to not look on the devforum if you are not planning to have some sort of upfront payment or legally-binding contract that will pay someone x amount of dollars as a failsafe for your developers if the game fails.

Very few people will work for these terms, if any. Percentages pre-game development don’t mean anything. It’s like saying to an investor, “You’re going to get 30% of the profits from my business that I haven’t even started yet!”

You’re not going to get anyone good under these terms, and if you can’t afford the upfront payment or contract option then you’re going to need to look on discord servers or elsewhere.


Most animators accept robux or usd per asset.

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