PWNED 3 - a new high quality story action RPG in development

Update 2

We have released it for free! Play it here:

Update: We just released a new teaser trailer for the 1.0 launch of the game! Take a look! If you’re new here, open up the OLD POST below and read what the game is about!


PWNED (stylized as PWNED: InCrypt) is an old game that was created in 2011, known to be one of the classic character-based RPG games that were unique in a way that focused on fun instead of grinding for preset gear.

PWNED 3 is both a sequel and a soft reboot of the series. It is not required to play the previous games to understand the lore. PWNED 3 takes place thousands of years in the future where science and technology reign supreme over magic. You will come to understand that you are not the hero of this world and that your actions will influence the decisions of those around you. Your world may be different from another player’s world depending on the path you take.

PWNED 3 in its current state is currently incomplete. Most of the core features have been implemented and we are now focusing our efforts on creating content and additional story elements.

PWNED 3 has been in development for almost 4 years and has yet to be released or advertised to the public. Until today. Today, we are releasing a specialized trimmed-down public demo of our game that showcases the introduction, one playable character, and three bosses. A ton of content has been cut out to only show things that we believe will give you an informed decision about our game.

The demo should only take maximum 10 - 12 minutes to complete.

Game Previewe

For those who want footage of the game and don’t want to play it, here they are. Do note that some of these listed are not in the demo but are in the full version (which will be linked at the bottom of this post):

open er up for sum moar

The main, full version of the game can be found here. Like I said again, this game is still very incomplete but we are focusing on content now:

You can optionally follow our twitter for any updates.

So yea, let me know what you guys think of the game. Honestly, I’m a little nervous since I never had such a major release to the public since… probably forever lol. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read this wall.


This game is amazing and it has a LOT of potential.

First off: The gameplay and the fighting is amazing and smooth. And for a demo I have got to say I felt like I was playing a game that wasn’t ROBLOX.

Second off: The dialogue system, it is very cool and if you added real voices to it then it would have a major step up.

Third off: The visuals are eye pleasing, usually when I play RPG games my eyes burn and boil but for this game it was so good.

Fourth off: Every time I play RPG games my computer lags and the FPS drops but for this game that doesn’t happen. Everything was smooth!

Conclusion: The game is honestly superb and I hope you keep working on it and give it you all. That is my feedback for the game.


Wow, This is a REALLY amazing game. But the dialog was a bit too fast. I think that’s the only thing I could say. Also add a little more details to the hallway. I can’t wait to see the full release.


Also, I forgot to add this but did you drew the arts yourself?

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Just played your demo, it was great and a lot of fun. :grinning:


Awesome, waiting the release date ! :slight_smile:


I have a close friend who does them :grin:

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Is that Ruby from RWBY in the starting menu image?

All characters in PWNED 3 are the team’s creations tailored towards the PWNED lore. They may bear some resemblance to other characters out there though, such as how you’ve noted Ruby from RWBY. We aren’t strangers to inspiration, but we mostly generate things amongst the team.

The character you see there is called Red and her aesthetic is pretty much centered around the Red Riding Hood. She does double over as both a melee and ranged character, though with a sword as opposed to a scythe, so there’s definitely a twinge of inspiration there. :slight_smile:


that was so much fun!! I’m so glad I saw this post. there was so much effort into the game to make it visually pleasing and fun, and hopefully in the future this game would be on the front page. 11/10 would play again no joke

edit: just saw ur previous games and holy [oof] what a massive improvement…you are a dedicated developer wowowow :star_struck:

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I tried out the demo and wow! It looks amazing! I love the way the stars guide you and show you the controls, it almost gave me kind of Dark souls vibes.
The only thing I could say is that, because the environment was so well made, I wanted to look around all the time, but sometimes when I would look upwards my camera would clip through the ground.
Apart from that I really loved the demo. :smiley:

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I really hope this game takes over Adopt Me, this game is amazing and Im a programmer and I strive to script like you thank you for the push!


Hey guys, late update if you are still curious but we just released a teaser trailer for the official launch of the game scheduled in 2 weeks. Check out the main post for that!

Thanks all for everyone’s input here so far, it was helpful and I improved the game since then :smiley:


Hooly, this game looks amazing! I’m very very happy that the legendary and nostalgic PWNED: InCrypt gets a sequel (or should I say, triquel(?)). I remember spending most of my 2012 days no-lifing the original PWNED game, and was actually kind of sad that it died. I will most definitely try this game out when I get the chance to.

Very good job on the game!


This game looks amazing from the style to the gameplay everything was smooth and it has potential.

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The teaser trailer is amazing! It doesn’t even look like ROBLOX! I think you did good on this one!

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I liked the trailer. One question, is your game using PBR. Because for a game of that scale, I would probably use one. Or is it already using PBR?


Some newer assets are using PBR, but most of it is not as a lot of the assets are a few years old. I haven’t benchmarked the performance for PBR yet but I’m assuming it’s a bit more worse than normal textures. We want this game to also work superbly on mobile so depending on the route we take, we may or may not continue using PBR.

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Woah. Played through the demo, and that was better than most fully released games on Roblox. Incredible job, the music, and design were great, just needed some more SFX because I felt like there was a lack of input feedback.

Good luck with your project!


Although I’m unfamiliar with the overall series/storyline/etc., having never played the predecessors within the PWNED Series, the demo did a phenomenal job at stirring my curiosity while simultaneously immersing me into a world that made me forget I was playing Roblox.

Learning about the development of this project has placed it onto my radar as one of the first games I’m looking forward to playing in the new year. As I greatly enjoyed a handful of games within the RPG Genre during my early days on the Roblox platform, I’m looking forward to the opportunities that this game appears to have in store :smiley:

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