QClash Major Update - July 30, 2018

Q-Clash Major Update

Hello Clashers! This week’s update brings a range of features, map changes, bug fixes and balances. One more step along the road towards release. As always, thanks for your feedback so far. We read it all and it really helps guide us in making these decisions.

General Bugs :bug:

  • Fixed potential server memory leak
  • Fixed bug where post match screen would show the wrong outcome and score
  • Fixed bug where sprays disappeared after 15 seconds
  • Fixed bug where class select clasher model would persist into the game
  • Fixed bug allowing players to spray when they are dead
  • Fixed streak counter on daily reward screen
  • Fixed rare bug occasionally causing players to disconnect

Audio :loud_sound:

  • Hooked up sniper and turret call voice lines
  • Reduced the level of volume voices are reduced by when music is playing
  • Rebalanced Knight voice lines
  • Added voice wheel lines to the chat feed, hurrah!
  • Made enemy bullets and sounds a bit louder

Gameplay :game_die:

  • Adjusted global damage falloff formula
    • The damage falloff is now not as sensitive to distance as it was previously. This means damage will more slowly ramp down before hitting its minimum limit.
    • This change allows close quarter clashers a lot more leeway with where they can stand to maintain optimal damage output
  • Fixed bug where environmental kills and resets wouldn’t reset your killstreak counter
  • Environmental kills now award the kill correctly, meaning knocking people off the map is now rewarded!
  • Added attacking time and defending time to stats!
    • These statistics are used to grant experience to players over time
  • Tweaked knockback logic to yield more consistent results

Castle :european_castle:

We’ve been listening to your feedback on how Castle plays. A particular area of concern is that the final approach to the Castle was prolonged, unbalanced and not all that fun. Our data supported this assessment. To try and help here, we’ve added new flank routes and a new attackers spawn which should make this section of the map more balanced.

  • Add a new flank route from the back of the Inn to the courtyard between the two gates
  • Extended the tunnel through the cliff following the docks to emerge from the other side, alongside the gate
  • Added a new attackers spawn in this cliff, to be used when the payload reaches the checkpoint at the base of the hill before the castle
  • Added a new flank route through the cliff for the hill before the castle, emerging from the waterfall directly opposite the main castle entrance
  • Fixed a few cases on Castle where teleporting as Reaper would completely miss the kill floor
  • Adjusted a few boundaries on certain rooftops

Options :gear:

The ability to remap inputs is an industry standard and helps make Q-CLASH more accessible. We’re happy to say this is now possible. There are some further improvements we want to make to make this experience smoother - watch this space!

  • Added the ability to rebind keyboard + gamepad controls. This still isn’t perfect as you can’t bind to a key that is already bound to (making rebinding a gamepad very difficult). This is something we plan to address!

Gamepad :video_game:

We want to eventually extend Q-Clash to as many people as we can. Part of this strategy is getting it working well on a gamepad. This weeks updates are the first step towards full gamepad support. There’s more that needs to be done - but it’s a start.

  • Added rudimentary gamepad support to the game menus. They aren’t perfect, but navigating all of the menus (including shop and loot boxes) with a controller is now possible
  • Button prompts now update to the gamepad equivalent when using a gamepad


Ghost was intended as a jack-of-all-trades clasher, that could soak up and dish out high levels of damage whilst remaining extremely mobile. We wanted to encourage aiming and more measured gameplay. He’s still the same Ghost you know and love, but we’ve adjusted his tools to allow him to take on more specialist roles.

  • General
    • Reduced max health to 175hp (was 200hp)
  • Rifle
    • Increased base damage to 14 (was 12)
    • Decreased headshot bonus to 1.5x (was 2x)
    • Scope changes:
      • Scoping with the rifle reduces cone to 0.95 degrees (previously 1.5 degrees)
      • Firing when not scoping increases the cone to 2.45 degrees (previously 2 degrees)
  • Frag Grenade
    • Increased blast radius to 18 units (was 15 units)
  • Airstrike
    • Increased blast radius to 28 units (was 12 units)
    • Increased blast arming time to 2s (was 1.25s)
    • Fixed bug that would allow users unleash bombs without a cooldown


No news is good news. We’re fairly happy with Sheila on the balance front and so have only made minor changes this week. Sheila mains can breathe a sigh of relief.

  • Flintlocks
    • Decreased spread to 6 degrees (was 8 degrees)
  • Parrot Bomb
    • Fixed a case where ultimate would do no damage


Decker has always had a few quirks. He is one of the most complex Clashers, with a broad ability set that has made balancing him at points quite challenging. In previous updates we nerfed Decker’s cloak to indicate his position when he was shot.
This cloud of smoke was often more confusing than it was useful, so we’ve improved the visuals here to blink Decker out of transparency. We’ve also made changes to his Revolver secondary, so it is less turbo death cannon and more close range last resort.

  • General
    • Reduced max health to 175hp (was 200hp)
  • Revolver
    • Reduced secondary base damage to 21 (was 29)
    • Fixed bug where Decker could start reloading midway through his secondary attack
    • Fixed bug where Decker could start his secondary attack during his primary’s cooldown
    • Fixed bug where Decker’s secondary attack would not have a higher spread than his primary spread (secondary introduce 50% extra spread when used)
  • Cloak
    • Fixed bug where Decker could contest the point (as either team) whilst cloaked
    • Fixed bug where Decker could instantly shoot his Revolver when leaving cloak.
      • He now has a 0.5 cooldown when decloaking before he can fire
    • Decker will slowly fade out when cloaking instead of instantly becoming invisible
    • When taking damage while cloaked, Decker will blink into visibility for a fraction of a second before fading out again.


Cyborg is still a work in progress, but we’re almost there. Reintroducing the spin up mechanic and adding overheat forces Cyborg to consider his position and approach to engagements.

  • Machine Arm
    • Reintroduced alt fire as a rev-up, allowing Cyborg to spin up his weapon
    • Reintroduced overheat mechanic
    • Increased base damage from 7.5 to 9


Being Supercharged should be an awesome feeling, and something was lacking here. Often players were supercharged and found themselves unable to take advantage of it as the true benefits of invulnerability aren’t really felt unless you are surrounded by the enemy. By moving supercharged away from invulnerability and instead giving high damage output and resistance, Zadena and her team should be much better equipped to bring the fight to the enemy.

  • Supercharged
    • No longer makes clashers invulnerable
    • Now reduces damage taken by 50% and increases damage output by 50% for Zadena and her patient


Rascal’s launchpads seem to have gone down well, and allow him to take himself and his team into the fight faster. We’ve reduced the build time here, and also fixed a funny bug that meant turrets in old spawns became indestructible death machines - kudos to whoever figured that out.

  • Scrap Cannon
    • Decreased secondary attack spread to 8 degrees (was 15 degrees)
  • Deployables
    • Now will self destruct if they are in a spawn that does not belong to their team.
    • Fixed a bug where Rascal could deploy buildings posthumously
  • Launchpad
    • Reduced build time to 2.5s (was 3.5s)


Knight got a lot of attention last week and we feel the changes we made were a good step in the right direction. Now with the increased health and cooldown he can stay in the game, protecting himself and his team for longer. We’re still not entirely happy with his loadout - with charge being a particular weak link. Expect more changes sometime in the future.

  • Knight’s Shield
    • Decreased cooldown to 10s (was 12s)
    • Increased Shield health to 800hp (was 600hp)

That’s all for this week. See you on the battlefield!

-The Q-Clash Team

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