Major Update - July 22nd, 2018


  • Tokyo
    • Changed objective structure so point B is captured after point A rather than alongside it
    • Capturing point A will move the attackers spawn to Arcade
    • Moved Tokyo point B to be at the ramp leading up to Argus.
    • Blocked off the corner of Tokyo containing the park garden and convenience store. More to come here
  • Castle
    • Increased payload capture range from 30 to 45 units
    • Fixed a rare bug where standing on the payload would sometimes teleport the player to a random location.
  • Audio
    • Made small rebalances to enemy and friendly sound effects. Enemy sound effects should now be slightly louder
    • Footsteps are properly assigned to SoundFx option setting
    • Attempted to make ultimate voice lines less obnoxious
    • Reduced the probability of the full death line playing
  • Walkspeed
    • Fixed a bug that improperly calculated user’s walk speed when stacked with a multiplier.
  • Stats
    • Clasher lifetime stats are now shown in the Clashers menu
  • Misc
    • Fixed missing face textures on the Prince and Witch skins
    • Fixed bug where you can spray on Sir Knight’s shield
    • Fixed bug where clasher ranks in the Leaderboard would not update
    • Conditions (like Reaper’s teleport) no longer persist when you change character
    • Falling into the Tokyo waterfront now kills you
    • Fixed bug where you can deploy between rounds
    • Fixed visual bugs in Class Select during intermission
    • Highlighted your own deaths in the kill feed
    • Damage direction indicators now point to turrets rather than their owners
    • Explosions no longer bleed through shields (including Chrome Dome and Knight’s Shield)
    • Players will no longer have to sit through respawn timer when spawns change when objectives are captured


  • Dive Roll
    • Moved to Shift ability
    • Fixed a bug where Decker’s Confiscate ultimate would prevent Dive Roll from reloading
    • Fixed a bug where Decker’s Confiscate would not silence Dive Roll


  • Walkspeed
    • Increased base walkspeed from 80% to 100%
  • Rifle
    • Reduced the visual size of Ghost’s red dot


  • Cloak
    • Moved to Shift ability
    • Fixed a bug where cloaking and uncloaking could be heard globally


  • Energy Shield
    • Increased activation time to 4 seconds (was 3 seconds)
    • Reduced Cyborg’s base armor point gain from 75 AP to 25 AP
    • Allies within 35 units will individually gain 25 AP for 5 seconds
    • For every ally in radius, Cyborg will gain an additional 25 AP (up to four allies)
    • Fixed bug where using Cyborg’s Energy shield then switching to knight would reduce knight’s armor
  • Rocket Arm
    • Increased projectile speed by 100%
    • Fixed a bug where Decker’s Confiscate ultimate would prevent Rocket Arm from reloading
    • Fixed a bug where Decker’s Confiscate would not silence Rocket Arm


  • Deployables
    • Deployables now have an explosion effect when destroyed
  • Chrome Dome
    • Explosions will no longer soak through shield
    • Max activation time has been increased to 60 seconds (was 10 seconds)
    • Max health has been reduced to 300 hp (was 800 hp)

Sir Knight

  • Broadsword
    • Changed Knight’s sword to deal close quarters damage with high knockback rather than firing a projectile
    • Knockback increased by 300%
    • Base damage increased to 50 (was 40)
    • Increased cooldown to 1.3 seconds (was 0.9 seconds)
  • Shield
    • Explosions will no longer soak through shield
    • Decreased shield health from 1000 to 600
    • Added 12 second cooldown to shield after it has been used
    • Added 12 second max activation time to shield. After this time, the shield will be in cooldown
    • Knight’s walkspeed is reduced by 50% when activated
    • Shield texture is more transparent when deployed
    • Shield width has been increased to
  • Electro-Ball
    • Gave Knight a new ability
    • Fires a projectile dealing chain lightning damage to nearby enemies
    • Does not suffer from damage falloff


  • Staff
    • Deployables can no longer be healed by Zadena
    • Damage multiplier will no longer reset to zero instantly when chain is broken. Instead the damage scaling will slowly decay when not locked onto an enemy.

Rumor has it…

We have taken some steps in the last few updates to improve input response times when firing abilities. There have been subtle changes made so far, and we are happy to report that most inputs fire about 50% faster than previously! :tada:
We have intentionally not reported this change in previous releases to ensure our metrics are accurate.


We’re following on from last week’s update with a big focus on balance and improving stability. The biggest changes this week belong to Sir Knight, who has had a weapon and ability overhaul.

With his new primary attack and emphasis on knockback Sir Knight is now much more effective at controlling areas up close. We’ve also overhauled his shield to have a long cooldown that we believe will force Knight to be more strategic as to when he deploys it, to make up for this it is larger and will re-deploy with full health. The addition of the Electro-ball ability gives Knight a powerful ranged option, whose chain damage effect complements his area control characteristics.

He’s not perfect yet and we still have some more changes we’d like to make to his ability set. However it’s a step in the right direction.

As a side note, we hear your concerns about the small minority of players who are employing dishonest measures to give themselves an unfair advantage. This is no place for these players in Q-Clash and we are working hard to remove them from our game.

As always keep sending us your feedback. There’s still a way to go, but with each update we’re getting closer!

-The QClash Team

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