QCS - Quick Code Snippets Plugin

Update (11/2/2023)

My recent lack of interest in Roblox development at the time and me learning the Unity engine has caused me to stop working on and updating this plugin (and doing development on this platform in general), and therefore, as a result, not much (if any) new stuff was added. But with my rapid development on a tower defense game (and motivating me further), it has sparked my interest in development on this platform again. Eventually I may come back to updating this plugin in the near future.

(Note: If you do not use the default script editor in Roblox Studio, you can ignore this plugin)

This is a plugin that allows code snippets to be quickly inserted into any script by using the new Script Editor API that was just released recently.

This is an idea I had envisioned when I heard about Roblox giving developers the ability to make script editor plugins.

I am aware of other code snippet plugins existing, but they don’t use the new script editor API.

Plugin in action:

The plugin also tells you whether its been enabled or not in the output (may change in the future):

It also even tells you the changelog upon loading into studio (may change in the future):

As of now, there are only 3 code snippets that are available. However, you can give me suggestions on what other code snippets should be included in this plugin.

Planned Features:

  • Custom code snippets
  • Edit built in code snippets
  • Settings

To developers who want to contribute

Because this plugin is free, that means its open source. This means you can contribute to it
s development (or check the code if you really wanted to be sure it’s not doing anything malicious).
QuickCodeSnippets.rbxmx (7.1 KB)

Plugin download here:

QuickCodeSnippets_1.0.0.rbxmx (7.1 KB)
QuickCodeSnippets_1.1.0.rbxmx (58.5 KB)


I would consider this plugin to not be significant enough to post to the DevForum yet. The current snippets are extremely specific and don’t really improve my workflow as a programmer.

What I would recommend combating this is to allow developers to create their own code snippets, instead of selecting between the only three that exist.

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That’s why I’m updating it as time goes on. I’ve already added a lot more code snippets and few other features.

For some reason, I can’t open the plugin to edit auto completes and other stuff.