[PLUGIN] ScriptQuicker - Auto-fill your code!


Easily fill in code you use regularly.

Use & create unlimited macros of any length.

Speed up your workflow now.


Learning to script? Try ScriptMate, which includes the same features & more!
Not interested in ScriptQuicker? View alternatives here.


Why is there 1000 paid plugins for autofilling?


Thanks for the reply!

As far as I’m aware, this is the only plugin that allows for unlimited multi-line code snippets to be stored and used as macros. If that’s not the case, I can only recommend using the plugin that is most suitable for you!

This plugin is derived from ScriptMate, which teaches aspiring developers how to script. I made the decision to release this separately so that more experienced scripters can make use of this feature for a lower price.

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Pretty much every single snippet plugin out there does that. A single search gave me a huge list, and they’re all free too.

(My own plugin that does snippets)

Hey my plugin got mentioned. I haven’t updated it in forever though as I lost a lot of my interest in Roblox. Might get around to working on it again though.

Mine was intended to be free and will always be free and open source.

Edit: I have now updated my post explaining why the plugin was not updated in so long for those wondering. @SpaceDice999

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Well, I only have myself to blame for that then - I legitimately did not realise there were so many available already haha

I’ve added a link to your reply in the original post, for people that are interested in viewing some of the alternatives before making their decision.

I guess you motivated me to try to make a free plugin for autofilling then


I’m late to the party here but thanks for the mention!

My Snippets plugin is rather outdated compared to the modern solutions as I haven’t had the time to update it, but it gives me a good opportunity to highlight the things that didn’t exist at the time of the plugin’s conception. My plugin pre dates the script editor API and worked around a few nasty bugs and limitations. This was very purpose built code that I decided to share to see if anyone else would get use out of it and some updates came at some rather unfortunate times.

The code isn’t open source, but the plugin is free and plugin source files are stored locally. If you would like to view the source, know that it is not pretty and makes heavy use of string patterns. You have been warned. I give you this information because code and idea contribution helps us all out, but I think the weird quirks and various competing standards perfectly highlight that this kind of tooling should come built into Roblox.

Not to discredit the plugin written by OP or any of the others mentioned, but the snippet niche is hard to fill correctly. There’s a lot of considerations and pitfalls especially as Roblox changes. I’ve definitely felt the growing pains of Roblox in the last three years compared to when I was a kid.

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