(QOL) Highlight the name of the user who is the OP of a topic

As a developer and regular forumer, it is currently too hard to tell who is the Original Poster of a topic.

I regularly visit, read, and comment on a lot of posts, and with the current system, it is currently too much of an inconvenience to tell who is the Original Poster of a topic.

Let’s say you want to reply to the original poster directly under a really long topic, the only way you can find out who is the OP is by either scrolling all the way to the top, or by clicking the title. The title clicking part is easy, but then you have to remember what page number you were on if you forget what you were replying about, then you have to scroll/drag the slider all the way back down there.

I find this as an inconvenience because you should just be able to see the OP’s name highlighted in the comment section then reply, which would be much easier.

A good example of this is how Youtube distinguishes the video poster from everyone else.


You could use devforum +. It’s a great extension that includes this. Other than that, I think this is better for meta.discourse.org.


Quite honestly, I would prefer to not use a plugin, and if users are able to make plugins for this exact reason and more, Roblox can do it too.

I’m not sure it’s possible to do this via discourse plugin. The chrome extension is using JS to make this possible.


See the linked CSS so you can do this yourself with a personal stylesheet.


I was unaware that there was another topic about this, I searched up my title before positing and there was nothing.

Anyways, my whole point here is that it’s something Roblox should integrate into the forum, if it’s just as simple as modifying a style sheet, why can’t Roblox do it as well?

Im guessing due to the lack of demand for such feature, and it’s really simple for users to add in themselves. Some users might not want the OP to be flaired. If this is added natively it shou;d probably be an option


Yeah, I agree with this. It can be like Youtube comments and you could see the who the OP is without scrolling to the top.

Refer to my response here: