Quake / CS Movement

i was wondering how i should go about making quake or counter strike like movement (bhoping and strafing). i’ve heard body velocitys are the way to go. but im not sure how to get them to work with the player movement. i just need to know what i should do to get the velocity to work with the player movement

Quick answer: UserInputService. That’s the first thing that comes to my mind.

Whenever an input button is pressed, use code to decipher what button it is, then, if it’s one of the WASD keys (or whatever keys you’ll be using for movement), use a single BodyVelocity object to move the player in the associated direction. Be sure to bind a separate function to when the input button has been released, so that the player also stops moving in that direction. Here is a small bit of sample code I found on the Roblox Developer Hub.

Hope this helped!

Yep, that’s a way to make custom character controller. But to add on to recreate Quake movement you would look at explanations online http://adrianb.io/2015/02/14/bunnyhop.html.

The main reason for bhopping can be summarized in this one statement:

Instead of limiting velocity directly, only the projection of the current velocity onto acceleration is limited

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