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NOTE: This is part of the QueTutorials and QueModels series!


Hello everyone! :wave:

Today I’ve worked hard and well on a resource that I got inspired from a game that I used to play and liked back in 2013 ~ 2015, which was Darkness and started to whoop up something that is similar to that system, and that is what I have brought to you today on the Developer Forum!

How will this work: Pretty simple, it will have some buttons and a generator that will unlock a zone (which is the part that is highlighted with red) and as well as a button to unlock another gate around a map; there will be a button to unlock the gate, similar to the one in darkness a bit and you could replicate a game similar to that if you wanted!

Some Important notes:

What is QueModels? QueModels is a self-owned “business” that includes free models, UI assets, and props that can be used for everybody on the Roblox platform for beginner developers or current developers for their games or little projects that can benefit you and many of your games or creations on the Roblox platform!

Do we have to credit you? Nope, you don’t have to credit me for any of these sets or models as they are free to use without anyone complaining and thinking it’s a free model from someone else since most users tend to do that in some situations.


I have linked some Pastebin and a place/model that you can view and take for your beneficial needs! Here are the resources:

Generation: GenerationScript - Pastebin.com
Unlocked: GateScript - Pastebin.com
Gate: GateScript1 - Pastebin.com

Model: ButtonSystem - Roblox

Download/Place: ButtonSystem.rbxl (32.8 KB)

Images of the set::


Got questions or suggestions to the set? Message me on the forums! Anywho, I hope you like/enjoy these resources and put it to good use and share it around, thanks! :+1: :wave:


Amazing work!
I’ll most likely use this in one of my games.

10/10 would use again!

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There’s 2 other posts by you about the same type of thing. Why not just put it in one post?


I agree with @Aiden_12114, just add and update a single a single topic instead of creating more topics.


@FastAsFlash_Dev @Aiden_12114 they are not the same thing that is why

But still. OP could put everything in one post instead of posting again.

The point is, he’s making his posts concise rather than creating a general dump of models all in one place. It also makes searching much easier.

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