Quest AI - New Version (Searching for bugs to fix)

Wikipedia API:


You are the type of person who doesn’t know about the existance of ai even after chatgpt

What a shame that you are trying to monetize the usage of wikipedia API by using wait(10) (not task.wait for a reason) if user doesn’t have your “Pro”. Please remove “AI” from your post title and stop trying to monetize public API usage, every release you made is something that was scripted in 2 minutes, yet u still put 1000+ robux for your creations.


Exactly, its disgusting how there charging over 1000 ROBUX for assets that they’ve put 0 effort into, yet even after purchasing it, you still need to buy Pro? just to skip a wait(10), that’s the most scummy and choppy thing a developer can do double charge for something just to skip a simple wait, its so lazy and it seems all this “developer” wants is to make a quick buck from roblox users, the fact it also has AI in the name yet all it does is fetch from Wikipedia, its not even searching from other sources so It cant be an AI.

Some tips I recommend:
Remove your scummy wait
Remove AI from the title as it clearly isn’t an AI
Stop double charging for the asset then the pro version?

If Someone is already paying a load of ROBUX for a public API with a UI, then how about we remove the “Pro” feature, they’ve already donated a massive amount to you not sure why you need to have another feature just to skip a simple wait() its lazy, scummy and unprofessional.

Change your acts.




Any intention to open source this? I am extremely skeptical about this being an “AI” since this just seems to send a request to Google.

It seems to freak out when I ask simple questions:


This should be “I’m sorry, but I can’t find a good answer for that.”

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if u like “AI” learn and try this and make ur self AI Model for ur plugin?i hope you good enough with math

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“an swear:skull: :joy: lol its bad english or just a typo? *second image

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In short:

  • Player inputs query
  • wait(10)
  • Filter it, bans you for any word that doesnt pass the filter, which is in the client lmfao
  • Query goes through Wikipedia API:
    • If exists, returns the first paragraph
    • If it does not exist in Wikipedia:
      • Look it up in DataStore where the player would’ve “taught” the “AI” the thing,
      • If it exists, returns any result,
      • If it doesnt, return a random text.

That’s pretty janky for a game like this. Wondering when the feedback received for this game would actually be considered and added into the game.

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Problem is that this guy doesn’t even read feedbacks.


You’re right. That really defeats the purpose of making this whole topic.

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What makes everyone think it uses the wikipedia api.

and i read feedbacks, simply, most of the “feedback” is incorrect things that repeat themselves.

Everyone literally tested this thing. I don’t care if it’s a Wikipedia API or not, but this is just straightforward embarrassing.

Across your 12 posts you ignored approximately 102 posts related to feedback from developers and myself alike. You only did care about the feedback about the smallest things, and none about the actual game or plugin itself. In this one for instance, you only chose to implement the Roblox filter instead of using a blacklist system (in order not to get banned) but please do your research before even implementing the filter. It’s not properly implemented. You have the documentation.

If you want to deny the “Wikipedia API” accusations, at least tell us what API you’re using. Can’t credit yourself as the author of something, while using tools you didn’t make, fair?

I expected better from you but nothing happened. One thing is that you like to make things, but another is making solutions for nonexistent problems or making solutions that require the solution for that same problem. You took NO feedback, positive or not, you KEPT ignoring every argument we’ve said, because you don’t even understand us (translator exists, ayo), and I think that everyone who even bothered their time and money deserve way better than how you treated them. They got the product, gave time to test the product they paid for, gave you feedback for the product, then your simple answer is “naah your feedback sucks ill just go on adding more useless features” like then why even post it in the first place.

Of course I am mad. If you want people to use your products, please first find actual problems, then take your time, take your actual time into making them. Improve your code, learn more and then you’ll make good stuff. But this? No, thank, you.


Not to complain but WHAT TYPE OF ANSWER IS THIS

I said hi. And it says “I’m your friend and can’t to not be”.

Firstly, I didn’t talk about being friends and secondly the “I can’t to not be” part makes no sense whatsoever.


It’s a step up from it using UD like last time.


Dude, I am tired of this, you have a history of making low-effort models on Roblox and I don’t even think this is real, you’re just making it say the first search result from Google. It’s not even a real AI.


Mate, you actually have to stop this. You have a history of making low effort, absolutely garbage models. Every single time you come out with one of these new “community resources” it gets absolutely slammed by the community, yet you still continue to make more.

You are being slammed by the community for a reason. As I stated in another post on one of your “resources”, I think its great that you are extending yourself and learning new areas of roblox scripting that you otherwise would not have but marketing them as community resource is a step in the wrong direction.

Please take the time to put effort into your work before posting it on the devforum or the community will continue to slam your models, further ruining your already crumbling reputation.


are you sure he’s actually using the api and not just hardcoding the definitions into the script? :rofl:
there’s nothing “intelligent” about this ai

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Clicked on this expecting an intriguing new AI-on-Roblox system, but instead was met with another low-quality post. Since this is #help-and-feedback:creations-feedback and not #resources, I’ll leave some (constructive) criticism here:

  • Use the Roblox filter or risk your account being terminated
  • Fix its grammar and spelling, it looks extremely unprofessional in its current state
  • Rework the UI, it’s almost a strain on the eyes to look at
  • I obviously don’t have access to the inner workings of this, but unless you’re using a legitimate AI chatbot API, the time to render a response should not be that long
  • Adding onto the point above: if you aren’t using a legitimate AI’s API, how exactly is this AI then? I highly doubt you trained your own ChatGPT replica.
  • Don’t charge any Robux for such a simple and illegitimate product, it’ll only rile up the community

Regarding the chain of replies that have amassed since OP posted this, while I agree the quality of OP’s posts is questionable at best, personally attacking OP isn’t necessary and is just going to trigger further off-topic debate. The fewer who reply, the less this is likely to be bumped up on the active topics list.

TL;DR: @OP, fix your product.