Question about portfolios

Hello! I am currently trying to make a portfolio for myself. I am doing commisions for free in my discord server. Am I allowed to post my discord server link there?

No you cannot.

According to buildthomas, there is a forum filter that blocks discord links. If your post contains one then it gets forwarded to the DevEngagementTeam.


You actually can. It just has to go through post approval

@sjr04 you can.

It doesn’t go through post approval.

Yeah, ive done it and it says waiting for approval on it, unless they changed it.It’s allowed though.

No, that is incorrect. If your #collaboration posts (not just portfolios, happens in #collaboration:recruitment too) are pending approval then you have included a discord link or some other non-whitelisted link.

wym? I’ve seen portfolios will discord server links, like this:

just cause it says pending approval doesn’t mean that it’s not allowed.

That post is from January. The post I linked is from April.

So? It doesn’t really say in that post that discord links are prohibited, does it? It just says it will have to go through approval for it to work. If you’re atm to counting we can do it in dms cause rules n stuff.

Just tried it out, all it says is it needs approval, not that it’s not allowed.

You cannot, however, I think if you get it approved, you can.

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These links are filtered and sent to DET (not Post Approval!) because you are not allowed to post them in Bulletin Board. This is a built in Discourse feature and I don’t think we can restrict it to a specific category.