Question, How Would I Do This? Vol.1

I’m trying to make a Gui Button that can send you to another place. Here’s a image:

I’ve been trying many things, but I can’t figure out an answer. So please, All answers help.

LocalScript inside the button, Also make sure Third party teleports or something like that is enabled in the games settings

local PlaceID = 12345 --// ID of the game you want to teleport to

	game:GetService("TeleportService"):Teleport(PlaceID, game.Players.LocalPlayer)
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Sorry but it seems that the Target place (I made the other place) is restricted, do you have any idea to fix that?

The ID might be wrong or youre trying to teleport in roblox studio which is disabled, try publishing the game and then trying to teleport

@CZXPEK Just did, doesn’t work. :neutral_face: :neutral_face:

Make the game public or friends only.

How would i make it Friends only?

Sorry @Lostude That didn’t work.

Is Third Party Teleport enabled in both places?

How would I do that? (I’m new at this)


Be sure to do this on both places.

Sorry @Lostude, Didn’t work.