Questions About "What Are You Working on Currently" Threads

I am fairly sure that this is the right category, but please inform me if this is not.

We’ve all seen the topics that open the discussion and allow developers to share what they are/were working on that year. I just have a couple of questions about them:

  1. To make one of these topics, do I have to “sign up” for anything or can I just post it?
  2. Do I have to follow a specific format?
  3. When can I post a thread like this? Last day of the year?
  4. If I posted this topic for a year, can I create one again for a year afterwards? Can the creators of those posts repeat? (I’ve never found a common account among all those posts, that’s why I’m asking).
  5. Any additional things I should know?

I’m sorry if these questions are too “basic” and/or that I should know the answer to them by now. I am unaware about this subject.

Thank you.

Well those are interesting questions, but why would you make these threads if they have already been made? There is no point duplicating threads.

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Oh I see. I honestly have no clue how this works, but I would not suggest making this unless you have a good connection to this community and the people in it. That may take a few months/years of being here on the DevForum.

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I did not specifically mean new member, just someone who is well known in the community. The creator of that thread, jordonh23 is at least in my eyes pretty well known. He is a very helpful and active member of the community.


So as you’ve noticed every year someone steps up and makes a new “What are you working on currently thread” and the admins close the previous years on every new year. No specific requirements to make a new thread, it’s more of just whoever wants to on December 31 around 11:30ish.

As for posting development related whatnot to the forums, “What are you working on” thread and the #development-discussion:cool-creations. Generally the unofficially official format is: tweet length posts go into the thread IE: a few pictures with some text, usually not to much of either. Longer more in detail posts generally warrant creating a new topic IE: Generally the posts Cool Creations are more of articles written about a developers creation.

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There’s no rules for who should or shouldn’t post it, but try not to make it a race. In general it would be courteous to have one of the people who have contributed significantly to the topic of the past year post the new one.


Thank you @buildthomas and @VineyardVine and @Sentross !

That cleared up a lot of questions I had.

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