R15 mesh issues

Simple and to the point, the bevels on the limb meshes and the bevels on the torso meshes are off and it makes R15 look incredibly off-putting to myself and others I’ve pointed it out to.

Add to that the unneeded indents in the mid torso, hands, and feet (not to mention the beveling here being off as well) and the hard edges on the R15 meshes compared to the R6 meshes.

Please look into fixing these issues.


Limb and torso bevels being off:

Indents between certain meshes (and the beveling):

Comparison of R15 hard edges to R6 smooth edges:


I’m not sure why the staff opted for hard edges on the R15 – the soft edges look much better. Either way it’s still the same number of faces – the beveling on the R5 is just shaded differently. Is there a performance issue with that?


In their defence I think I can kind of understand why they took out the soft edge bevels. Those bevels haven’t really been that present in ROBLOX’s aesthetic (even if they do exist) for a while, so in my mind it made sense to get rid of them.

On the other hand I’m not sure how I feel about the current hard edge “bevel” substitutes. They are necessary to portray the anatomy of a character I grant you that, but then it also looks a little inconsistent when you’ve got a character that’s made to look simple (e.g. single bendy part limbs, body, head) have edges that look like they’re made up of loads of tiny parts.

*Note the distinction between “look” and actuality. When I say single part limbs I acknowledge that they’re obviously not single parts, I just mean that this is how they’re portrayed visually.

Anyway, as IceTaurus has rightly said the edges do seem to be inconsistent between parts so I don’t know what’s up with that, they clearly have different styled edges as portrayed in the picture. It seems like an oversight to me but I may be wrong.

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I prefer the soft edge bevels, and I would personally love to see it used more in the ROBLOX aesthetic. As far as I know though, only the R6 meshes and unions with edges of a certain degree range have them.

On a side note, and something I mentioned in the original post that is a personal opinion of mine; Who decided that there should be incredibly obvious indentations in the meshes for the hands, feet, and mid-torso area? From what I can assume, no other packages will have these indents, and personally looks off-putting as hell. Not to mention the other areas on the meshes that have joints aren’t separated like this either.

Feature Requests > Client Features

The hard edge thing may be a result from them not being done with texture mapping yet, but it could be intended after all.

Fixed. Clearly I don’t make enough threads to know where to put crap aha.

Whatever the reason, it looks really bad. Whoever made these meshes looks like they rushed it just to test R15, but never went back to fix the obvious problems.

Bumping this as I would love to use R15 in a future project, but it still looks incredibly bad with the hard edges and improper bevelling :frowning:

Re-bumping as not only is the block mesh still not fixed, but it seems packages that were converted were released and they as well aren’t working out so well.


The newly converted R15 body parts are the first pass on these. We will be making a second pass to help improve their appearance.

Still, the second pass updates may or may not change the particular issue you have with the current body parts. Unfortunately, over the life of ROBLOX, there have been many, many body parts created and building the over 3,000 new meshes for this conversion has taken a while and it will take even longer to finalize the appearance of all of these parts.

I will pass on your feedback to the art team that is working on the conversions, but it will not be quick for them to make any kind of changes to all these parts and their changes may or may not include the requested changes.


That’s great news to hear about the package conversion. Is there any news about the possibility of the original R15 block meshes being fixed? The mismatched hard edged bevelling still looks rushed and bad :frowning:

(images in the OP)

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I found an issue in a package, the texture got applied to the inside

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Looks like the left arm was made and then mirrored for the right, but they forgot to flip the normals.