R15 to R6 animation converter

closed for now
use: Drone's Public Plugins - Roblox


Okay, uh…wow.


Quit dragging the NPC’s around with the gravity gun!

This does look like it could be helpful, can’t wait to try it


Your best bet is to use the one that comes with Drone’s Public Plugins.

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Thanks for posting this lol
I should have tested more before publishing. My bad!
For now, use Drone’s Public Plugins

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could you send me the animation id for this

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I never published it.

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I’m assuming that converting R6 to R15 isn’t possible using this plugin?

I think this resource would be useful in conjunction with this resource!
Function to Fix/Scale Animations with Position Problems and Another to Convert to Top Bottom Animations - Resources / Community Resources - Developer Forum | Roblox