[R$500k to R$1M] UI Designer needed for new objective based TPS!

About Me

I’m TheHyb on Roblox and @TheHyb_ on Twitter! I’ve made a few games over the years, most notably Fame Simulator, Captive, The Purge, and Anarchy.

About The Job

I’m looking for a UI Designer to design and animate UI for a TPS/Battlefield objective based game. All UI is required to be made in studio.

  • Must have had experience with designing full game UI in the past
  • Must be able to produce UI in studio
  • Must be able to tween/animate UI
  • Must be able properly scale UI


Payment starts at 500k, but can vary up to 1M depending on quality of work and speed of completion.

Contact Me

You can reply to this thread with your portfolio or contact me here on the Developer Forum/via Twitter at:
You must be 13 years or older to apply.

Include examples of previous work, links to games, and some code you’ve written (Can do anything). This thread will stay open until we find someone! If you don’t think you’re qualified, apply anyway!


Interested. Apart from scripting, I am also very good at doing UI as well.
You can take a look at my portfolio.

Hi, I’m scripter, ui design and builder

I’m not really a UI designer but I’m not bad with UI I also script so I can tween
discord: AccessQ#3236

here are some images of my work not a lot of images because as I said I’m not a UI designer but I’m not bad at it


the audio is delayed in this video

Interested in the project. Here’s my porfolio - [Open] Barteks399 | UI Designer


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