R6 Dog animations not working

  1. What do you want to achieve?
    Working animations on this dog.

  2. What is the issue?
    The head seams to move a little bit but the other limbs don’t.

    Dog Character

  3. What solutions have you tried so far?
    Rigged the character multiple times with different plugins.

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Try moving the legs or watch video on it

What do you mean with moving the legs? I acctually followed a tutorial to get the rig setup but that didn’t work.

Your dog animation the legs are not moving

I am trying to use the default R6 animation

Your script most be incorrect check your script

But roblox loads the script automatically. I just use the animate script that automatically gets loaded into a R6 character.

i dont think a r6 rig would be the most fitting for a dog

try using r15.

animations are usually used there

Yeah but i dont want to make animations and i thought R6 would be the easiest. Because the arms already move and i could use the default R6 animations.So R6 ain’t possible?

no R6 doesn’t use animations its R15 that comes with the animate script from the start anyway

Check if all parts except HumanoidRootPart are unanchored

R6 can be animated, I’m animating R6 at that moment and everything works

Already did that everything is unanchored and with cancollide off. Only for the HumanoidRootPart cancollide is on. But if i anchor the HumanoidRootPart i just get stuck in the air and i won’t fall down. (I changed the torso shoulded make a difference.)

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R6 Also gets a animate script!

I have this similar issue that my animations doesn’t work after everything I’ve done. It might be a engine bug,

You can use R6.

Your best bet right now is creating your own dog-walking animations and scripting them (LocalScript, called Animate, in the character - just check when the character’s Humanoid.Running event changes speed (gives speed as an argument)).

Alternatively, if you don’t want to animate the whole thing on your own and script it all, you can do something like this:
(put the dog body parts into the real R6 character rig’s body parts, weld the two together, then re-rig the R6 in a dog shape)
which would make your character animate like an average R6, with the exception that it is indeed the dog rig. However, I personally don’t recommend this, because it can and probably will affect performance when used on a larger scale.

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It would not be used in large scale probable. So i need to get a R6 dummy put the parts inside those parts and then i dont have to animate it?

Yes. You get an R6 dummy, rig him to be in a dog like pose, put the individual limbs into the corresponding R6 parts and weld the two together - then you can make the R6 character rig invisible, keeping the dog visible, and he would move around. ROBLOX will take care of the rest

Okey i will try that then i will come back if it doesn’t work!

Is the animation yours?
Are you playing it? because there’s no script inside it.