RadiusModule (simple)

Hey developers.

I’m not too sure if a module like this has been created so I went ahead and made one anyway.

Introducing Radius.

This module is to help developers detect when players enter a specific magnitude of a BasePart, detects obstructions and comes with 2 lightweight functions you can use whenever :slight_smile:

I myself find it quite useful and thought I’d share it with ya’ll.

Example Usage

local Radius = require(game.ReplicatedStorage.Radius)

local RadiusObject = Radius.new({
   Part = Part, --The base part you're wanting to look out for.
   MaximumRadius = 30, --The radius in which events are fired.
   Obstructions = true, --This enables a system where itll only detect players in the radius when there's no parts blocking or obstructing them.
   Log = true, --Enables warning logs (debugging)

RadiusObject:Initialise() --Enables the events.

local PlayerMagnitude = RadiusObject:GetPlayerRadius(Player: Player)
-- Returns (number | nil)
-- The distance any player is away from the part.

local Obstruction = RadiusObject:GetObstruction(Player: Player, Blacklist: {[number]: any})
-- Returns (RaycastResult | nil)
-- Use this to see if theres a wall or something blocking the radius of the player.
-- The second parameter is to filter out specific parts from the raycast. (not required)

RadiusObject.Entered:Connect(function(Player: Player)
    print(Player.Name.." entered.")

RadiusObject.Exited:Connect(function(Player: Player)
    print(Player.Name.." exited.")

RadiusObject:Destroy() --Stops all resource usage.

Why not use Region3 or ZonePlus

These modules are very good, and I couldn’t recommend using them more but sometimes developers find it easier to use Magnitude for a different number of things, whether it be AI, general effects or whatever you decide to create which is why in my personal opinion I believe this to be a useful module.

If you have any questions, reply on the back of this thread and I’ll be able to help when I can.

Get it here.


that looks like a replica of zone plus. I’m going to try this out

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This isn’t a Replica of zone plus.

ZonePlus uses Region3 to detect player entry, whereas this just uses player distance in studs (magnitude) away from the desired part.

The difference is generally ease of access, Radius cannot be used for Region specific functions but can be used for proximity detection.

Hope this helps.

ok i see


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