Ragdoll Concept - feedback and suggestions

Introducing Ragdoll Concept!
A simple and fun ragdoll game made for testing ragdoll physics. All gamepasses are available for everyone till it’s in Alpha Stage. Check it out and give feedback!

Game - Ragdoll Concept [Alpha]
Earnable Badges - Alpha Tester, Strange Tree, Met Sinqal, Inviter
Gamepasses available - Sticky Bomb, Landmine, Push, Balloon, Strange Potion
These gamepasses are available for all, in case someone buys them they will have the tools later when the game is out of Alpha Stage.

Please report bugs directly to Sinqal or lagnis7859 in dms or reply to this topic itself.

Liked the game? Please consider giving it a thumbs up! :+1:

:boom: :boom: :boom:UPDATES:boom: :boom: :boom:

  • Added Leaderboards for game time. Top 100 worldwide, Server Leaderboard and added donations to support the team!

  • Added a beacon which takes the player to the top if touched.

  • Added new badge - Met Sinqal(owner) badge, Inviter badge

  • Repositioned trampoline and server board to make way for some space in central lobby for players to socialise or something.

  • Added a roller in which players can roll. It’s speed will change every 20seconds so the players have time to get out. :star_struck: :star_struck:

:bomb:What’s Coming?:bomb:

  • New gamepass- Lightning Bolt. It’ll electrocute players and ragdoll them finally. Comes with a range and cooldown/reloading to make it less OP. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Currently free.

Removed Gravity Controller due to multiple issues but will add it in future after complete fixing.


You shouldn’t advertise your games here.


That’s just for feedback. Both games got finished during same time. I’ll make a separate topic for it!

Just added the link to open source module for Ragdoll Concept!

Still haven’t got any feedback though! Update: Now you can walk on walls. Thanks to @EgoMoose 's Gravity Controller. Still modifying it.

Play here - Ragdoll Concept [Alpha]
Updated the original topic! Check out the game now and please give feedbacks on new things. Feel free to suggest ideas as I’m running out of them! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The ragdoll is SUPER BUGGY https://gyazo.com/088d9733c80f4ac9989c561fc26cf269

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Thanks for your feedback! I’ll check it right now.

I hope it’s fixed. I fixed it a few days ago but forgot to update this. Let me know if you’re still able to replicate it now.
Added roller, replaced trampoline.

i dont see any bugs at the moment, but i do have this

and this

Yeah, that bug is because I destroy animator during ragdoll and instance it again when player gets up. That error would do nothing as it’s from a client animation script. Animation will work fine after player gets up.

Known issue: Animation freezes sometimes when u get up from ragdoll. But it gets normal when humanoid state is changed, i.e. when you climb or repress a control button.

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I’ll definitely check this one when I get on PC.

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ok sure! maybe it is a bug lol

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Was your internet speed good enough?

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i had 30-40 ping, no spikes or anything

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Hey, you shouldn’t be advertising, but that’s ok.
My guess is you made a mistake, use the Billboard Category instead of Help and Feedback or Cool Creations

Cool creations and feedback category is specifically for asking feedback. It’s advertising naturally :slight_smile:

This issue has been fixed. The other issue you reported is due to the Game Invite feature I added inside game. It’s the same invite thing just with a gui that you can see in right side. I’ll create a separate topic for it.

This is on Roblox’s end. The warning comes from Core scripts of Roblox which makes it their error. I cannot fix it even by putting pcalls.