Ragdoll support

I searched the request section for ragdolls and I didn’t find any posts.
I am TRULY shocked!
Ragdolls is one of the most scripted feature that still lacks official Roblox support.
I can’t believe it wasn’t mentioned during the RDC Question time.

Eitherway, please make an official Ragdoll API for normal characters, scripted ragdolls always lag.


Eh, it’s a pretty niche thing to do. Sure you see it in popular games like murder but outside of that you don’t really see any demand for it.

I would like it if ragdoll support meant fixing the explosive joint mechanics that seems to be prevalent in most if not all normal ragdoll scripts.

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Apparently no one else watched the RDC stream. They announced an overhaul of joints, which will hopefully allow for non-explodey ragdolls.

It’s still not the same thing. Because even with perfect joints, the bricks will always collide with eachother causing unwanted velocity glitches.
This can only be solved if the player was considered one model controlled by one ragdoll.

@Ethan, I think people would use it outside the murdur genre if it didn’t cause so much lag and were so unreliable.


Over the last year or so of murder games I’ve never seen a ragdoll explode or otherwise fail to spawn when a player dies. I think your method is unreliable, not ragdolls themselves.

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That’s because murder games only contains a ragdoll script and a knife script. There isn’t really anything that can lag…
In real games that runs loads of scripts ragdolls become totally unreliable.

Total support. I think that if they added a way to toggle RagdollOnDeath then more people might be inclined to use it. As it is, I am sure there are quite a few developers out there who would love to add ragdoll to their games, they just don’t know how to script it.
@Ethan, I think the fact that you have to script ragdoll if you want it could be a major reason why less games use it.

All we need is a rope joint.

After 9 years in development, hopefully it will be worth the weight.

Funny thing is that it’s actually pretty close to 9 years since Roblox started out.