Raise the unique animation limit for controllers

Please raise the animation limit for animation controllers.

For a very long time, Roblox has had a limit in how many unique animations can be played every 10 seconds per controller. This means a maximum of 10 unique animations could play during a time span of 10 seconds (kind of like a 1 animation per second thing except it can be played any time during those 10 seconds until it hits 10), which has been an issue for many of us, developers, for a long time.

This limit creates issues like this:
(Picture taken during gun system testing)

(Recorded using roblox’s recorder – quality is bad, but you can see the issue happen)

In my case, I don’t want to recreate the entire Animate local script, but I also want to have my gun script have its own animations.
These animations are seen by the player, and do replicate to other players. Until they start jumping and switching between their primary weapon and secondary weapon.
When too many animations are played in the timespan of 10 seconds, all further animations cease to replicate. The player still sees them, but nobody else does, creating the weird animationless effect above.

This is an issue that limits a very large amount of creations and is a general hassle when doing development that requires animations to be used in the character.

An obvious work around to this would be to rescript the Animate local script, but why should a developer require to do this, when Roblox could expand the limit instead and therefore encourage developers to make better, more complex creations without having to reinvent the wheel?
And even so, if the new script were to use many different types of animations, the same issue would appear again.

The limit on controllers has been a problem for a long time, for many different developers.

Take @AbstractAlex’s post, for example: Animator object replication breaks
World // Zero experiences the same problem because of the animation limit.

The animation limit put on controllers is a massive brake for any animation demanding creation.

People have asked for an ETA before. However, it seems like there is none and that this isn’t considered a priority.

Please. Let it happen. Raise the animation controller limit. It’s a must for allowing more complex, demanding creations.


Support! This limit seems quite arbitrary and is impacting games right now.

('m also going to bump that thread because imo this is more of a bug)


It’s also necessary for animated directional walking systems, which usually involve dozens of different animations.


Support, yes PLEASE! My game has suffered from this issue for MONTHS now and I’m tired of it. If at all, the limit should NOT be this low.

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Would it be possible to have any update / information on this?

This limit is currently hurting my game, as the issue described in the original post happens in-game.


I suspect in some cases I’ve already been hitting this limit with my custom characters. I use 4 animations for turning the character’s neck on top of the usual 4 movement animations, and I have 2 attack animations on top of that. Some characters can fly which adds an extra 5 animations.

I want to expand even further in terms of movement capabilities (ie. Parkour), but if I do that I will have to blow far past this limit because I’ll need to be playing many animations effectively simultaneously or within quick succession.

10 animations is unreasonably restrictive.