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Salutations! :wave:

Random Access Memory is a new development team being formed together by @Squidzyee and @anon66957764, and focusing on working on a new project over the summer. We are specifically looking to be fully organised by the end of May, hoping to release our final product in August or September, having the entirety of summer to work.

Currently, we do have a few developers:
@8w_a (backup programmer) and @SoftwareEngine (UI) are also on the team.

Our Project! :hammer_and_wrench:

We are looking to work on a demolition derby styled game, where users are placed into round and have to try to collect coins and damage opponents with various weapons, such as mini-guns and explosives.

Players are given currency and XP for every round participated in based upon their performance. Levelling up will give access to more vehicle types and skins. You will also be able to use your coins to purchase more XP and to upgrade your vehicle weapons.

Game Monetisation! :video_game:

We understand if percentages will be given, and to attract any investment, monetisation is a great concern for some developers. These are currently some of my ideas for monetising our project after release.


  • VIP Pass (some perks, exclusive items)
  • Currency Multiplier
  • Extra Upgrades

Developer Products

  • Exclusive Skins
  • Temporary Multipliers
  • Currency and XP

The plan is to have the game to be fairly profitable, but we will try to strike a good balance between cash flow and good, fair gameplay!

Who Do We Need? :memo:

We’re looking for anyone with at least 1-2 years of experience in one of these areas of development, the more experienced the better.

Contracted positions may be given a small percentage IF funds are tight)

Permanent Positions:

  • Modeler (will be responsible for creating vehicles and assets such as weapons)

Contracted Positions:

  • Composer (will be responsible for creating sound effects and a soundtrack)

  • Translators (looking for most spoken modern popular languages)

Supporting Positions:

  • Investors (this will help aid payment for contracted roles and getting an ad budget, for a returning profit or a share within the game for a certain amount of time.)

Payment :money_with_wings:

We are looking to pay through the means of a percentage of around 10-20% for our Modeller, since assets will be made constantly and might need to be updated and such. You can send me over a portfolio if you are interested.

For contracted positions, we are looking to try and match prices given to us, but we will also negotiate with you to make sure that a good deal can be worked out between all parties.

There is no definitive budget, as we are simply making this post to generate interest and to see who might be interested, once again you are able to contact us below with your portfolio down below.

Contact :phone:


I will be able to discuss any questions about your work and payments here, please inform me here if you have sent a request through on Discord in case if I decline it by mistake.


If you need some more information that wasn’t elaborated here, this was my original post that I made about the project, make sure to contact me if you are interested!

I would like to be the Translator. I have sent you a friend request on Discord Pancake#6519

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I know i’m not a builder. But, if big models are made out of bricks, wouldn’t that be very laggy?

Our main plan is for all of the parts to be welded to a chassis that has already been programmed, the parts will be unanchored obviously so it can move.

The cars aren’t that big, and considering each car will have minimal part usage (hopefully), our servers shouldn’t lag too much and parts that fall off after colliding.

The reason we have gone with bricks is because we can create the effect much better using parts, as opposed to meshes.

I’m available as a composer and builder

Awesome, shoot me a message and I’ll talk with you further!
Also, sorry for the late reply.

This is being opened back up again, we’re looking to hire multiple contributors and some full time developers to work with us!

I would definitely recommend this team, they are very friendly and fill the criteria of a great developing team. (They are also very funny)

Would 100% recommend this job to anyone!

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Does your team also happen to be open to artists, too? I see a tag for it, and several opportunities for one, but no payment or description available for that role.

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Generally speaking, I find no use nor an advantage of having MODELS made out of bricks. If you were to talk about collisions, there are multiple ways to get a very very accurate methods for achieving that.

  1. Import in form of wedges via a plugin. (100% Accurate)
  2. Size up the mesh before importing, and if it does have weird curves, split it up as well. (Almost perfect accuracy)

And for the most part, they are MODELS thus supposed to be made in 3rd party MODELLING apps, not in the studio, as this allows the modeler incredible benefits that can speed up the process up to ten times if not more.


if that is the main reason, you can use attachments (parented to the mesh) to have particles come out from a specific point.

Our team has the potential to be open to artists.
We are going to be looking for small art pieces, which will mostly be for cosmetic items such as particle trails and also for some of the UI if needed.

Your proposals for solutions are definitely appreciated, and I think that we could consider taking on 3D modelled cars for purely aesthetic if we can’t achieve this effect.

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We’re still looking for modellers, but they will now come within two categories.

Dummy Modeller
You will be creating non-scripted assets for decoration and aesthetic, such as trees, rocks and terrain, plus any other small things needed.

Payment is negotiable.

Car Modeller
We would like to get in touch with some car modellers to look into the possibility of switching up our ideas from cars with parts, to having meshes instead.

Payment stays the same.

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