Random i frame obstructing essential buttons

The image above shows how this random partially transparent rectangle stops me clicking on essential buttons like the search bar, the three lines and my profile. Never happened to me before but every time I reload the page it reappears, the only solution is by deleting it in the Html which isn’t permanent, I cannot see anyone else with the same issue. Is there anyway to get rid of it?

Btw the reason this isn’t in bug reports is because I don’t have permissions to post there.

#forum-help:forum-bugs is open to TL1

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Try these and see what happens:

  • Try using different browsers on the same device
  • Try using different devices
  • Do you have any extensions? Disable them.
  • Try clearing your cache

Are you running any browser extensions? This doesn’t reproduce for me at all.

You’ll want to add much more repro details if this is not caused by a browser extension. Refer to How to post a Bug Report

I’m using Ocean Hero as an addon whilst running windows 10 normally. “HP” laptop.
If it isn’t the browser extension then I have no idea how to reproduce it on someone else’s computer, It still appears every time, whenever I open a new dev forum tab

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So, disable and see if it resolves?

Also mention your browser and browser version:


If someone links you to a piece of information (“How to post a Bug Report”), consider reading it since it might have important information. :slightly_smiling_face:

I am unaware as to why but after signing back into my account the issue seems to have fixed.

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