Random lag-spikes from ExperienceChatMain CoreScript?

This started happening for me in the latest update to Roblox’s client. I’m not sure if it’s happening everywhere, but I’ve been observing these random lag-spikes related to Roblox calling VideoCaptureService:GetCameraDevices() in the ExperienceChatMain CoreScript.

You don’t have to spam-press the chat toggle to reproduce it, sometimes it’ll just randomly happen multiple times a second.

Easiest way to reproduce is to spam open and close the experience chat window:

Here’s a microprofiler dump I captured of the issue:
microprofile-20231206-170751.zip (7.3 MB)


Thank you for the report, we are investigating this.


The issue relates to Roblox Face Tracking, and Roblox has yet to resolve it; here’s how any of you can resolve the issue if you’re having it.

  1. Open the Windows search bar and type “Manage Cameras”, then you should be directed to your settings.
  2. Disable all of your cameras
  3. Issue Resolved!

I hope this helps anyone whom it reaches; for more info, here’s a devforum post I made highlighting the bug a couple of weeks ago:


A fix for this issue should be released next week.


Would like to see this fix come out soon. We just shifted to the new chat system… not a very good first impression.


Any updates? My game also just switched to the new chat system and a lot of my players are having large FPS drops due to this, or at least I suspect that this is the same issue. I see experience chat main spiking in the microprofiler, too.

My computer doesn’t have any cameras, and so there is nothing under manage cameras for me to disable. Yet, I am still experiencing this issue.

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The issue with GetCameraDevices has been fixed, we are not tracking this topic for any unrelated issues with new chat.

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Can you send or upload microprofiler dumps that show these frames? It would help a lot to diagnose and address the issue

microprofile-20240209-154339.zip (7.1 MB)

I just got on my game to see if I could get the experience chat main to spike on my micro profiler too and I got this dump. It looks very similar to the screenshot from Mauio. This is really the first time I’ve ever messed with the microprofiler so I apologize if I’ve done something wrong or am misinterpreting things for another issue, but I hope this might help.

Thanks, what game was this from?

No problem :smile:

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Chechos Deltarune RP - Roblox
microprofile-20240218-204341.zip (4.0 MB)

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Thank you all for your patience. Just following up to let you know this issue should now be resolved. :smile:

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Sadly this issue is still happening in version 619

Script_CoreScripts/ExperienceChatMain Very Slow - Bug Reports / Engine Bugs - Developer Forum | Roblox

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@Kepzun @WheretIB @be_nj This bug is still happening for me, too.

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i have no idea why but this is also happening, fresh install of windows 11. never happened before???

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