Random people (most likely bots) joining my game

I’m currently working on a game, and as me and my friends test it, we keep having these random accounts join the game while we play it. They usually type something in the chat, but it gets tagged, and then leave a short while later. Originally I thought they might have been real people because I saw one moving around in circles, but I’ve noticed they all do the same thing now. Does anyone know what these bots are trying to do?

The profile of that account:

What were they saying? I recommend having the chats forwarded to server console in case one joins again.

If you want to keep them out, I would recommend SSecurity, but I’m not sure if it’s working at the moment.

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I just noticed this (messages about the same game) but I’m not sure if this has anything to do with it

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I’m gonna say backdoor/virus, maybe? I think i have seen something like this before.

If HTTP requests are on, then @Scou1ysForcesGuy is correct. Thd people likely recieved a notification from a discord webhook that a game has been backdoored. Check all your plugins straight away!

There’s a really simple script you can implement to ensure that this behaviour is reduced!

You can add a script that checks the account age of a player and if it’s not over x days then you can kick them from the game.

Check if moon animator is made by a group. It’s the only plugin with script injection. Then find and delete backdoors.

Helpful plugins:

  • GameGuard
  • Defcodert
  • RoDefender

Get them from the DevForum.

If you don’t want plugins then search for things like getfenv, setfenv, require, “require”, eriuqer, “eriuqer”, string.reverse.

Moon animator is made by this user six - Roblox

RoDefender doesnt detect anything, and Defcodert just detects my own scripts.

Try Server Defender. Make sure to check the malicious services option too.
My last suggestion is to uninstall all plugins and make a new place, go on it, make a script object then install and use plugins one by one to check if they do anything to it.