Random server shutdown

Today I started receiving reports from players that some servers are getting shut down. This happens only to 1 server at a time and it doesn’t seem to be because of a server crash since game:BindOnClose is being called (I use SoftShutdown script to teleport players to a reserve server when the server is shutdown, that’s what the players are reporting). It doesn’t happen often only to a few servers per hour.

I last updated my game on Monday and there were no issues until today, so I assume it has something to do with yesterday’s Roblox update. (maybe related to Migrate to latest update feature?)

I am not sure how to reproduce it, in one case it was a VIP server that has been open for an hour and there was only one player playing, in the other cases it seems to be public servers with many players playing.

Game link: https://www.roblox.com/games/3025990139

This seems to have stopped happening, haven’t received any reports since 7 pm GMT

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That’s not the issue here, that was patched within a day of it being abused. That was also a few weeks ago.

The case here could be a wide variety of things, but it could have to do with some remote abuse.

ie. the exploiter is finding a remote that is doing something intensive, and not cleaning it up (creating a part, etc).

This is just speculation since the topic is rather vague.

Doesn’t seem to be anything to do with exploiters since in one case it was a VIP server with only 1 player online. Also the server doesn’t crash, but just shutdowns normaly.

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Had this happen as well to my game. I joined a server and was playing for some time and then the server shut down.

I have a script for BindOnClose (keep in mind this won’t fire if it’s an exploited crash) that sets a message saying the game is shutting down.

It’s important to note no other servers shut down.

Well, the message did appear. No reason for the shutdown either. I asked developers but none had done it, and I didn’t do it myself either.

Since more than one person is reporting this, I think it’s safe to assume this is a roblox bug.

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