Randomly generated Cube Caves

I have been trying to make caves using caves by using 2d perlin noise now that doesnt sound very smart of me. I am aware of what 3d perlin noise kinda is but can anyone tell me/explain a solution to cave generation on cube terrain and how to not make the game have terrible perfomance because of too many bricks.

If this is similar to what you are talking about, then one way to approach it would be to store just the cubes needed to create the shell of the cave(s) using a sparse dict and some logic based on a cube’s desired visibility and its neighbors. I don’t know what’s required for using Perlin noise to tunnel through a terrain, so I can’t offer any practical insights into using it for generating caves. Just trying to think of a direction you might explore with respect to the cube-land performance concern.

simply get your x and z intervals and perlin those as you would with y then add them all together then that is your new y