Rate my Build (2 Hours On Build)

Rate my Building skills this is a 2 hour build not :exclamation:Full skill used​:exclamation:
:point_right:It’s a Medium detailed Hallway​:point_left:
This help me know what people like and where to head on my upconing cames and or builds.:desktop_computer:


From what I can see through the glare, it looks like a good start. Can we get more shots of areas other than just the windows? If no other content is made yet, try investing more time into a project before asking for feedback, since there’s just not a lot we can say right now :slight_smile:

Check out this thread for some tips on how to look for feedback/make feedback threads :slight_smile:


I mean, there’s not very much to compare it to. If you’re copy and pasting(?) the windows, I guess 2 hours is a little long? Don’t get me wrong though it’s a very appealing build and I would much rather see something like this made in 2 hours than one of those “low-poly” bricks with windows.


I really love the design, but… I’m wondering how did it take you 2 hours? just with a 1 content wall filled with the windows, grass, and that type of roof, you just copy it and paste it 3 times, with that you have that result… with the content you probably finished it in less than 2 hours, maybe at least 45 minutes and then copied it and paste it… I really love the design, would love if it has more content on the middle to distract our eyes (table with a cup of coffee on it, plant on the table, etc.)

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I love the build! I am not a good builder at all and what intrigued me was the fact I build something exactly like this months ago for fun in the exact way you’ve set it up. Very awesome to see a good builder actually do it right. :+1:

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The most interesting thing about this build is the lighting… without it, the build would seem pretty plain.
The angles you chose are very specific so as to reflect the best lighting.

This is nice, but not two hours worth of work nice… put more details into the pillars, etc, and just speed up the process I guess.

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For future reference, the Building Support rules state that topics asking for “ratings” shouldn’t be posted.

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Its just a small hallway with Windows I put the game link in another post if you wanna see it your self.

Okay well thanks for the info i guess.

Trial and error is the main reason Good builders look at their builds and see what can be added. There is SO much more i can add to it but its just for fun nothing serious.

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Well its not just the windows i took time on its mostly trial and error also the put got turned off of the center a bit for some what ever reason and i had to work of trying to fix that.

I can understand that! I’ll sometimes spend 2 hours putting details on a single door or something. Sorry if the previous comment came across as too harsh. I encourage you to keep with it as it’s looking really nice :slight_smile:

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It’s a really nice build and I can see it being used by a group among other things, great job!