Rate my build. x/10

Hey guys, this is a build that took quite some time and was fun in the process. If you could rate and leave some feedback if you would like to see changes. The goal was to make an abandon room. I need to give credit to Joseph155 for the roof design, it is not an exact copy, but I tried my best to make it look similar since it would look nice with my creation. Picture%201|645x500


that look good how you made the images for the plants?


All he does is just take a part and put a decal on it and then set the part transparency to 1.
Now you have a nice looking plant!


I like you build! I also love your lighting that fits pretty well with the room.
To me, I don’t see any gaps to be improved.
Keep on building!


Something you could do better: Make the wood ground look more “dirty” and/or “rotten”. You got a 9/10 from me. :smile:


I really like the use of textures on the walls and floors to give the room an abandoned feel.

My only point of improvement would be the lighting. It seems too bright for an abandoned look. The neon parts on the floors next to the windows (assuming it’s meant to simulate the sun shining through) is a little too intense imo, maybe make them a little more transparent. Also I’m not sure that they are supposed to be present in multiple directions (seen in screenshot 2), it makes me believe that the outside environment has multiple suns.

Other than that, the build is really good. Overall I would give it an 8.5/10


This is a really nice build! There are some things to improve on but overall, I think I’d give it a 8.5/10. The colors match together really nicely and the lighting gives the build a pretty warm feel. However, there are a few things you could probably improve on.

  • The first thing being the use of (what looks like) neon bricks near the windows.
    Though I actually really like this idea and I think it adds quite a bit, you should probably make them a little less vivid to kind of match everything else. If I were you, I might try to make them quite a bit more transparent and possibly even change the material to smooth plastic. (Though I like the glow effect they make)

  • I think also the use of slate on some of the chairs and the bed is maybe a little rough looking. Again I like the idea, but maybe change it to something a little softer like fabric or maybe even try to create a transparent slate-fabric combo (Not too sure how that would turn out though)

Of course, this is all up to you! This is solely just what I would do if I was building the same thing. Overall, I think it’s a very appealing build and a job well done. :+1:


but how he remove the background of the image

An external, image-editing program can be used to remove the background, like Photoshop. There are many decals of background-transparent grass in the toolbox

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This build is really good, I like it. I’d give it a 9/10 because the lighting seems a bit too bright and also the neon parts on the floor next to the windows are used to give a sunlight shining through effect could be a little transparent.

I like the touch of ants on the floor and plants on the walls

I love what you done! I would give it a 8.5 / 10

To improve the number, I suggest you get rid of the outline on the chairs etc and funture, since it doesn’t make the design look fluent.

Apart from that, it is really good!

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It is a wonder how inconsistent all the chair models are.

Analysing the models only, ignoring the background(this is made of high quality in my opinion), there’s an inconsistency of edges. Sometimes it is sharp and sometimes it is round, due to a mesh. Default wood planks material as floor throws me off, try testing a texture.

Overall rating somewhere around 8/10.


This is a really good build! There is a couple of things to improve on to look more, like a abandoned house feel like the texture and the light you used looks really good. Like all the different details, you added to it.

My Suggestions

  • The build looks really decent however as said above the lighting looks a little to bright to be a abandoned house. I would recommend you turn it a bit down to look more better, you should add some broken things such as the chairs, bottles, overall it looks good with the details you added to it!!

  • The build you could add some more weeds, going through the house to look more abandoned and add some. Broken things to it however, like the model chairs i think they fit in the build really well.

Overall you have done a great job, i’ll give your build a 7/10.


Oh wow. Very well made, love your use of textures and plants. Next level stuff :slight_smile:

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Its good. Looks like someone has rubbed grease on the camera though

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I think this is a beautiful build.

I especially like the exposed rafters and the different ceiling panels, I think that adds a great sense of abandonment to your build. Maybe change a few of the rafters so they look broken, I think that could improve the atmosphere.

I love the walls and the texture you’ve used, it looks very Gregorian. I wonder if the hanging lights are a little out of place? If you’re going for a renovation site -esque look then maybe add some construction lights otherwise I feel the modern design of the the lights are out of place in the setting.

Overall a very detailed and thought out build.

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simply 11/10 this is awesome

but just a small suggestion to remove the outlines from these parts

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It looks nice, the exposed pipes on the ceiling are a nice touch and the trim work is clean. As far as the lighting goes though, if the scene was darker, you would have a great contrast with the very bright daylight in the window and the darkness of the room. If you wanted the table in the center to be the focus of this scene, have the daylight land on that instead.

Turn the lights off on this abandoned room (I mean, it is abandoned after all), and see how it looks.

Also, if you could list in your original post the stuff you didn’t make yourself (free models, 3D files, textures) so we know what you did and didn’t make, we can give you an accurate rating of what you built yourself. There’s no use in giving you feedback on a model you didn’t make :stuck_out_tongue:

After all, we’re rating your build not your composition :wink:

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Looks really awesome. I think this gives the build some nice realism. image

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Your build is super unique.
The plants look super realistic, the pipes on the ceiling is an amazing touch.
These rooms defiantly have that abandon look. I absolutely love it!

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