Rate my loading screen system

Showcase Video

This is how it works:
The loading screen first loads all assets in the parent “game” using the api Preloadasync() , then it checks for warnings, bans or datastore api errors, at the very end the loading screen waits for all datastores as well as values, furniture, vehicles and whose tunes have been loaded.

Depending on the client and server load, the time is then determined, but so that it doesn’t get boring, there are a few small tips with a chilled background music that you can: pause, skip, change volume and change the time position of the song being played.


Looks nice, the “photos” sliding by are very unique. That bass though…


The sliding images looks good, however I would like to hear the original sound, because this video has really super bass boost which doesn’t sound very good in my headset.

Just a little mistake: 0:55 - *“live your dream”

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Made it in a few seconds and had to go due to way to much bass.

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Yes, sorry I forgot to disable my bass booster through the recording :sweat_smile:, but thanks for the feedback

I am very sorry I forgot to warn you all, I forgot to turn off my bass booster while recording and thanks for the feedback. My english isnt very good though but I will correct my mistake.

I hope you havent destroyed your speakers while watching my showcase Video, I will remake a showcase video while I disable the bass booster, and yes, I have the sliding pictures idea from the gta story mode loading screen. Thanks for your feedback!

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Nice! I might actually play this game tbh

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Looks nice and i like the sliding imsges

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The game is out already and its playable

Drive Along (open world project on roblox)

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