Raw Pirate Ship

177,115 parts (Instance.new(“Part”)) no unions etc…

I want feedback on how it looks. Like how to stop it crashing studio when I accidently click on the model.


Wow looks nice! I liked how that although it was entirely made of parts it still looks as detailed as a normal ship. Also for the lagging part you could try exporting to blender and importing it back as a mesh part so it’s one part. Though I’m not sure.

Are too many blocks to enter a mesh since they have as a limit 10k of triangles

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Looks great! I like how it’s made with just parts and nothing else.

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Wow extremely impressive!

How long did it take you to do this project?

And maybe making it into a mesh in separate segments could fix the lag-although I’m unsure as I’m not super familiar with meshes.

Looks awesome!
Are all the Parts Anchored, with CanTouch and CanQuery false?
What was the decision to create it at an angle? If it was in line with the X or Y axis then it would probably have a lot less Parts.

I think the best way to improve performance with is is attempt to merge some of the connected blocks together and remove the faces in blender.

How many triangles are in one part?

I wanted it to have a nice profile something resembling an isometric drawing.

I don’t know how to use blender, is it possible to do this in roblox?

Took me about 2 months, this was a little side project for when I got bored, I have another boats like this as well.

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You could take all the similar coloured sections of Parts (dark wood, light wood, etc) and select them, then right click and Export them.
Import them into Blender and remove all the faces that aren’t seen, then export it to an .obj file.
Insert a MeshPart and then use the .obj file as the Mesh. Textures like WoodPlank don’t save well, so just delete the Texture and make the MeshPart WoodPlank.

Your main problem is, this ship has a higher part count than some games have. You’re selecting over 100,000 parts at one time. The main goal now is to simplify the asset as much as you can! Edit: I like that you’re going with this sort of “voxel” art style, if you want the aesthetic to be voxels, you might need to script a serialization system that works with these voxels… But that will be a big challenge, accounting for detail of this level. Don’t give up, though!!! It looks incredible!

Lock the build if its grouped. If not, then i have no idea lol.

12 triangles for each part, you would have to put it in several mesh

But not if you remove the non-visible sides of each cube in the Mesh. That would drastically cut the tris.

that would take quite a while, it’s 177115 parts

Use greedy meshing. A way to optimize this well.

Wow looks like Minecraft. 9/10