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“Innovation is the ability to see change as an opportunity - not a threat” -Steve Jobs, Co-founder Apple Inc.

:question: What Is This?

RBLX/ai is your go-to tool for creating stunning icons and thumbnails for Roblox games. Designed for simplicity and speed, RBLX/ai offers a user-friendly interface with flexible membership plans to make the design process seamless and enjoyable.

Key Features:

  • Instant Designs – Generate up to 15 brilliant icons and thumbnails in ~15-20s. Significantly shortening the time it takes you to decide on a final graphic, allowing you to streamline your creative process and make decisions faster.
  • Fair Payment Plans – Choose from a variety of affordable plans to suit your needs.
  • Customization Options – Access a wide range of customization (40+ styles, 4 perspectives and custom character integration) to create unique graphics.
  • Referral Program – Earn credits through our rewarding referral program.
  • Community Support – Join a supportive community for inspiration and collaboration.
  • Guides and Tutorials – Follow comprehensive guides and tutorials to achieve the best results.
  • Versatile API – Integrate RBLX/ai into your own applications with our versatile API.

RBLX/ai is designed to streamline your creative process, bringing your Roblox game visuals to life effortlessly while also providing artists with valuable references to enhance their own art.

:orange_book: Examples

View more examples

:link: Integrating Roblox Characters into AI Graphics

One of the many powerful features on RBLX/ai is the ability to integrate Roblox characters into your thumbnails and icons. It’s easier than you think.

You can input the user’s Roblox ID when you generate your graphics only if you are either on the Pro or Unlimited plan.

Here are some crazy results with Roblox Users:

:gift: Benefits

:cityscape: Professional Quality

Impress players with professionally designed icons and thumbnails, elevating your game’s presentation.

:eye_in_speech_bubble: Increasing Visibility

Boost your game’s discoverability in attracting more players with high CTR visuals optimized for the platform.

:art: Effortless Customizations

Enjoy the flexibility in customizing your visuals to suit your game’s aesthetic preferences and branding!

:stopwatch: Time and Cost Effective :moneybag:

Save yourself on valuable time and resources through automating the design process with the AI technology!

:books: Easily Referenceable

Even as an artist, this tool provides great extensibility for your work by providing quick and superb references for your artwork!

:arrows_counterclockwise: Vast Consistency

By extension, you’ll be able to maintain a cohesive and everlasting visual identity across all of your games and promotional materials alike.

:face_with_monocle: Why Use RBLX/ai?

We offer a wide range of features to help you create stunning graphics for your Roblox games.

Without RBLX/ai -->
- Waste time generating 1 image at a time
- Struggle to get Roblox related results
- No rights to use your images
- Low quality images
- No variations in generated images
- Waste time perfecting detailed prompts
- Cannot generate multiple images at once
- Not engineered to output Roblox-style images
- Only generate 15 images daily
- Only 4 images at a time
With RBLX/ai -->
- High % CTR Icons and Thumbnails guaranteed
- Trained and Prompt Engineered to generate Roblox-related images
- Rights to use your images
- Offers subscriptions, top-ups with both USD and Robux
- Simultaneous generation of up to 15 images
- High-quality images
- Variations in generated images
- Quick generation of images
- Detailed prompts not necessary
- Offers a versatile API for developers

:speaking_head: Referrals

If you don’t fancy purchasing Credits (:pensive:), there is a way for you to obtain them without purchasing. All you have to do is share your referral link with friends, and if they sign up successfully, you receive credits and the user you refer receives 1 credit.

The best part is: the more people you refer, the more credits you receive. When you hit milestones, your credits per referral will increase (does not affect the person you refer).

Learn more about the referrals program at: Referrals – RBLX/ai (must be logged in)

:dollar: Pricing

RBLX/ai currently offers three different type of payment plans. Please be advised they are still WIP and subject to change.

If you are confused as to how you can obtain Credits through Robux, please follow the instructions on the website as they will explain in further detail.

1 Credit = 1 Icon
2 Credits = 1 Thumbnail

:credit_card: Subscription:

:shopping_cart: Pay as you go (one-time):

:robux_light: Robux (one-time):

:computer: API

RBLX/ai features a versatile API allowing you to integrate the core functions of the website into your own, such as generating graphics, generating variations of graphics, viewing your history, viewing your balance and viewing the community graphics. If you would like to learn more about the documentation, please go here:

:orange_book: Quick Guide for Getting Started

Here’s a small tutorial on getting the best out of RBLX/ai, it will show you how to utilize and combine the perspective, size, style and Roblox Character of the graphic to create an absolute gem.

View guide

1. Use The Right Prompt

The first step in getting the best results is to use the right prompt. The prompt should be clear and concise, and should describe the graphic you want to generate. Avoid using too many adjectives or adverbs, as they can make the prompt too long and difficult to read.
For example:

  • A prompt with Bing-AI, Copilot or DALLE-3: “A colorful Roblox icon of a Roblox character mowing the lawn
  • A prompt with RBLX/ai: “A person mowing the lawn

2. Use the Right Size

The size of the graphic you want to generate should be appropriate for the style you want to achieve. For example, if you want to generate a cartoon graphic, you should use a size that is appropriate for a cartoon. If you want to generate a realistic graphic, you should use a size that is appropriate for a realistic graphic.

3. Use the Right Style

The style of the graphic you want to generate should be appropriate for the prompt you are using. For example, if you are using a prompt that is about a person in a fantasy forest, you should use a style that is appropriate for a person who is in a fantasy forest (such as Fantasy). If you are using a prompt that is about a scene, you should use a style that is appropriate for a scene.

4. Use the Right Perspective

The perspective of the graphic you want to generate should be appropriate for the style you are using. For example, if you are using a style that is about a person, you should use a perspective that is appropriate for a person. If you are using a style that is about a scene, you should use a perspective that is appropriate for a scene.

5. Use the Right Roblox UserId

If you want to generate a graphic for a specific Roblox user, you should use the robloxUserId parameter in the request. This will ensure that the graphic (if it has a main character) will be generated with that Roblox UserId character in mind. So the main character of your graphic will have the characteristics of the Roblox user you specified.


Taking advantage of variations is key to getting the best results from RBLX/ai. Variations allow you to generate multiple graphics with different styles, perspectives, and sizes. This can be useful if you want to showcase a variety of styles or if you want to create a gallery of graphics.

If you have a design that you really like and you don’t want to bet on the randomness of a new graphic being generated, you can generate multiple variations of the same graphic. This will give you a better chance of getting a graphic that you like.


Using the Community feature is a great way to get inspiration and see what others are creating. You can browse through the community graphics and see what other people are generating. Copy the prompt and size of an graphic to use as a starting point for your own graphic. If you click on the “Options”, you can also select "Use Prompt" and it will automatically fill the generate page with the details of that graphic.


This is an extremely simple guide to creating perfect high CTR % icons and thumbnails. This should be all you need to know to get the best results from RBLX/ai. If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out to us at support@rblxai.com.

:mag: FAQ

  • Question: Why would you support the idea of AI replacing GFX artists that rely on it for their income?
    Answer: The idea behind this isn’t to replace GFX artists, but perhaps give them a tool to help them create graphics faster while also providing users in need of high quality graphics for a high price an alternative. We all know that paying $200 for a Thumbnail or Icon just for it to be either below your expectations or rushed and they hit you with the “No revisions” or even worse: the response after 2 1/2 months, is an absolute pain.

  • Question: Are the graphics I generate from RBLX/ai copyrighted?
    Answer: Absolutely not. All the graphics you generate are your own, and you have full ownership of them.

  • Question: How can I purchase Credits with Robux?
    Answer: You can purchase Credits with Robux by joining the Roblox Credits Place. Once you join, you can select one of the Credit packages and click purchase, it will prompt a Developer Product which you can then buy. Make sure you have your account linked up to the same account that you want the credits on. If you do not have an account linked, your purchase will go to no one.

More Frequently Asked Questions

:rocket: Get Creating

Are you ready to transform your game with AI-generated icons and thumbnails?
Sign up for RBLX/ai today and unlock the power of automated designs!

Visit https://www.rblxai.com/ to learn more!

:clipboard: Changelog:

View changelog

May 2024 - Integrating Roblox Characters into graphics

New Features

  • Added support for Roblox characters in the graphics engine
  • New styles feature where you can change the overall style of your graphics
  • New perspectives feature where you can change the perspective of your graphics
  • New pricing plan for purchasing Credits via Robux
  • Roblox Account Linking (link your Roblox account)

Bug Fixes

  • Moved from Amazon S3 to Cloudflare R2 for file storage
  • Optimized the graphics engine for the fastest results
  • More minor fixes and improvements

April 2024 - Initial Release

New Features

  • RBLX/ai released version 1.0.0

Recent Blogs:

:envelope_with_arrow: Contact

You can contact us at either support@rblxai.com, Twitter or create a ticket in our Discord server.


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where are your benchmarks coming from?

do you have concrete data with proof that game Icons and Thumbnails generated from your service performs better than art created / generated from a different source?

Also the prices seems unfair while demanding users to pay 50 USD monthly to generate only 15 Icons or 5 Thumbnails per day?

And misleading users to signup for an account with no credits granted, I personally wouldn’t pay for your services because I didn’t have a chance to even try it out for free, how can I possibly know that it would work well for my requirements?


Full detailed benchmarks with multiple game examples are on their way and will be displayed on a page separately on RBLX/ai. I know that if I can get those benchmarks out, users will have a lot more trust in the service as a whole.

The prices are still a WIP as this is my first time properly selling a service and having to calculate prices that make sense, although $50 monthly would essentially get you 150 credits monthly and up to 15 simultaneous generations at once with access to Roblox Character Integration, I’m open to increasing that by x2 or even x2.5. Any suggestions for pricing is welcomed.

As for the initial signup to test images, I agree. But, you actually can get credits for completely free just by referring other users to our service. You can hit milestones and make a pretty good amount of credits if you get a good amount of referrals. I thought why start people off with X credits and potentially have people exploiting it with creating new accounts when I can actually make them do something meaningful and helpful for us in return for credits.

Any suggestions for anything is welcomed!


While you are totally right to think that, we operate a lot different than something like DALLE 3 or BingAI.

Refer to this to see why you should be using this over something like BingAI or DALLE 3 for your Roblox graphics.


This seems very polished at first glance judging by the website, docs, referral program and the fact that you even have an API.

I do think the pricing is a bit steep, although I don’t know the operating costs since you’re generating up to 10 images simultaneously.

Overall looks good, great job! I might use this for one of our upcoming games.


Thanks :grin:

Pricing is subject to change (likely cheaper) especially for the subscription plans. Never really worked with subscription plans so still WIP, operating costs are extremely optimized behind the scenes so it should in theory allow for cheaper pricing.


thank you for your response and taking my criticism professionally!

I really like the website, visually amazing and well design, great work :+1:

Pricing is hard to suggest, you need to figure out who is your target market. I don’t also know your operating cost and I definitely will not suggest competitive pricing similar to big AI services. And considering Roblox demographic complaining whole heartedly about paying 5 to 10 USD for a plugin, you have my condolences

I’d really like to compare results from your services vs something else I used which have given me extremely good results, artistic and aesthetic wise (not CTR)


I really appreciate the kind words! :sweat_smile:

Pricing for Roblox is going to be difficult :joy: I’ll have to collect suggestions and make a decision based on that. Lowering the entry plan by a lot will be a start.

And for your comparison, what were you thinking of comparing RBLX/ai with? :eyes:

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Hi everyone,

I wanted to take a moment to talk about the development of the artificial intelligence Rblx/AI, a project I’ve been closely following since its inception. Rblx/AI is specifically designed for Roblox and allows users to create high-quality (high CTR) icons and thumbnails with a variety of themes. It’s a solution that offers many people the opportunity to obtain professional visuals without having to hire artists, which can be expensive.

I understand that some people find the prices a bit high. However, it’s important to consider the considerable time and effort the developer has invested in this project. Developing such technology is complex and requires a lot of work, which partly justifies the current cost.

Additionally, Rblx/AI has implemented an innovative invitation system. This system allows users to earn extra credits by reaching different milestones, making the service even more accessible and beneficial.

In summary, although the prices might seem high at first glance, they are justified by the quality of the product and the hard work behind its creation. And with the invitation system, there are ways to further reduce costs for active users.

Thank you for reading and your understanding!


What is the price per image compared directly to DALL-E API.

And what exactly is your service other than a frontend for using DALL-E with uploaded Roblox characters? Is DALL-E fine tuned or something. (do they let you do that? I never used it)

Basically I want to know how much we are paying for your contribution to the image and not just a DALL-E generation.

(Also if you answered these questions in the original post my bad, it was way too long couldn’t read it all)

(also also the image generations look great btw!)

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Why is the $6 package by far the cheapest per credit?:thinking:


the pictures aren’t that bad but here’s the issues here:
the character dosent really look that good, it doesn’t even look like roblox that has a lego body
the background has too many details than the characters in the thumbnails
having a roblox ai generative thumbnail might make the developer lazy, like *why im supposed to import a rig then put it in blender then do lightning and edit it in photopea AND THE BACKGROUND? while i just have an ai thumbnail generator that generates a logo in 3 seconds, and yes time and effore might be worth it after all

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This looks exactly the same as Image Creator from Microsoft Designer.
I believe that you might be offering a retail service, which, to be honest, is not that helpful.


This service is not a front-end to simply just using DALL-E 3. You will not be able to achieve the same Roblox related icons/thumbnails using anything else. There’s a fine tuned AI that is designed to only output Roblox-related content which is then generated into an image or multiple images.

Bare with me on the pricing as I mentioned it’s subject to change and was done pretty poorly. I’ll make sure people are getting the best for their dollar.

Also I do suggest you read the full post (don’t need to read the guide) so you can understand more of why you should be using this instead of something like BingAI, Microsoft Image Creator or DALL-E 3.


I suggest you read this part as this is a really common question:

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That’s alright!

If you’re able to provide some of those results you found using DALL-E 3, would be pretty helpful so I’m able to step it up!

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Prices have been updated. With help and suggestions, I’ve been able to come up with more reasonable pricing to get the best for your dollar.

Subscription and Pay-as-you-go (Robux and USD) have both been updated with more fair pricing and credit amounts whilst including the compute and server costs and keeping the profit margin for me at an acceptable amount.

:credit_card: Subscription:

:shopping_cart: Pay as you go (one-time):

:robux_light: Robux (one-time):


so this is the source of all those lazy icon games with no content…


Roblox 0auth login please. That would make it sooo much more usefull

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Will look at implementing this today.

Thanks for the good suggestion

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