rbxgameasset://Images/ URL fails to load in on client frequently, causing players to appear naked

This report is specifically referencing rbxgameasset://Images/ NOT rbxassetid://

Recently on the Roblox client, using rbxgameasset://Images/ in ShirtTemplate, PantsTemplate or the TextureID in MeshParts will commonly cause the texture to never load in and no error is thrown in the console for failing to load an asset.

I understand asset loading issues are usually a server hiccup or a player localized issue (internet connection, cache, etc.) but this issue is happening to a very large portion of my community (Blackhawk Rescue Mission 5).

It is also reproducible on my machine, even after restarting my entire computer. Specifically, rbxgameasset://Images/P5_PMC2_Top will never load for me on the client. However, it loads consistently in Studio.

ALSO this issue only appears to occur AFTER a teleport. In the start place of my game, all assets using rbxgameasset load in fine. However, after a teleport to another subplace in the game, it starts to have issues.



Client: (Right is the exact same asset as my pants, but using it’s URI number instead of its gameasset URL) (rbxassetid://5531867464)

Client: (Before teleporting)

P.S. The reason I don’t just switch over to URI numbers is because I have over 100 uniforms that are all stored in a module as gameasset urls and there is no easy way to bulk convert to their URI number from command line.


Does rbxassetid:// or the longer URL format work?

Isn’t Replace All a fix for this?


took you long enough gnar 3x

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Replace All to what? I can’t just turn rbxgameasset://Images/P5_PMC2_Top into rbxassetid://P5_PMC2_Top. I need a way to bulk convert rbxgameasset urls into rbxassetid numbers.


I waited to confirm it wasn’t an issue on our end. We do a lot of funny asset naming stuff for matching camos on gears using rbxgameasset://Images/ URLs. I would probably recommend against filing a bug report on behalf of a game you don’t develop for.


I believe by accessing the clothing ModuleScript and pressing CTRL + F brings a window where you can type “rbxgameasset://Images/” as Find and “rbxassetid://” as Replace.

Did not sadly notice the difference between a name and the asset id, sorry.

Even though, thanks for clarifying:


Hi folks,
We originally became aware of this issue through this post:

I’ll cross-post for maximum visibility -

We have been investigating this issue and have a fix internally. We are currently working on deploying it. I will post again (in both places) when the fix is active and in full release.


seems like the issue is fixed



I noticed the issue was resolved for about a week but has started occurring again.

Was this just a test deployment of the patch or has the issue come back to life?

Really sad that this has been known for a full month now and it is still an issue. Everytime I join my game I just see naked people running around and so does 99% of the people playing my game (~6,000 at the time of writing as we just released an update)


Hi folks,

I can’t speak to the fixed-then-not-fixed behavior. Sometimes a batch of fixes gets reverted if any one of them is new and suspected of causing issues somewhere, so this might’ve been caught up in that.

I see in my internal record that the expected fix was enabled on 5/16 at about 3:15pm PST so you should not be seeing problems now.

Could someone please reply with their experience? If it seems fixed now, it should remain fixed from this point forward. If it is not fixed, then more investigation will need to be done.

I apologize for the fitful rollout!


This is still very much an issue. I’ve just checked now and I myself am still getting the bug. I’m also still getting plenty of reports daily about the issue. Like I said, it was resolved for a few days and then began happening again.


still having the issue in-game after 5/16, cannot confirm it’s fixed.


I’m still experiencing my avatar items not loading at all when in games.


Hello Bojack, the game is still experiencing this issue for a while now. At the moment, a player who plays Blackhawk Rescue Mission 5 found a temporary solution. Linked here: How to load textures/uniforms in BRM5 - YouTube I’m not 100% sure if this gives you a clue on the root cause of this. In addition, we can’t access to the console logs. Only developers can if I’m not mistaken. Other than that, provide us an update if possible therefore we can get this issue out of the way.

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Hello all. Thanks for the video, it does correlate with what we believe is happening. I apologize again for the delay, this bug was a tricky timing issue so took a while to sort out. This morning we enabled the latest of the fixes, so I’m hoping as of today ~noon PST, all the streakers will stay in uniform from this week forth. I’ll be more actively checking the forum this week since I expect something changed for the better, but please post if that’s not the case. I think if we can make it through Friday, then it’s ok to declare it fixed, else we’ll need to scrutinize further.


Is this still an issue? Please let us know if this is the case and if so if the issue happens with the assets listed in the thread, or if there is more information as this will help us track down the issue.

Hello @TigerRabbit2 , it is still not an issue which is amazing! Hopefully it doesn’t return, but if it does, I’m sure @AdministratorGnar would make another thread or whatnot. Other than that, no Roblox related bug.