R.C. Moderator, Developer and HR Rules

These are the rules for Game Moderators and High Ranks in Research Corporation and its subdivisions. Please note that this post is still a work in progress. Last updated 25 January 2024

This post contains some “rules” that are simply reminders or advisories such as HR-3.

This post will contain templates for kick/ban messages in the future.

Please message @StarCitadel if you have any questions regarding these rules or suggestions for them.

Moderator Rules Abbreviated M

M-1 - Moderators should provide a valid reason for kicks and bans.

M-2 - An exception to rule M-1, If the ban must be placed hastily, you may issue a ban without reason.

M-3 - Please follow instructions from your superiors. If there is an issue with these instructions, please reach out to a head admin and/or executive for the situation to be handled.

Developer Rules Abbreviated D

D-1 - No developer is permitted to alter their administrator level in any R.C. experience.

D-2 - Developers should not vandalize any R.C. experience in any way. Doing so will result in your position being revoked and, if severe enough, a ban from the experience vandalized.

D-3 - Follow the Roblox Terms of Service and the rules to the fullest extent when adding to the game. If a developer adds something that violates Roblox’s rules, it will be considered vandalism and a violation of Rule D-2.

D-4 - If a Contributor violates the rules to an extent that they’re banned from the group or the game, their name will still remain in the game credits. Despite them causing high ranks a headache, taking credit for their contributions is unacceptable.

D-5 - Do not modify the game credits (when they’re added).

High Rank Rules Abbreviated HR

HR-1 - Promotors must only promote users if the creation submitted follows the promotion guidelines. (A link to this page will be provided after an edit)

HR-2 - Do not promote anyone to the following ranks:

  • Bot
  • Hall of Fame
  • Contributor
  • Retired
  • Special Guest
  • Affiliate
  • Ranks made solely for the purpose of organizing the other ones, such as “–Medium Ranks–”

Doing so may result in your position being revoked.

HR-3 - If you suspect a fellow high rank is not following these guidelines, you are advised to report this to an executive.

HR-4 - Players in the ranks “Hall of Fame” and “Retired” may request their previous rank back.

HR-5 - If it is determined that a player in the Hall of Fame does not deserve their previous rank anymore, they will be demoted to Retired.

HR-6 - Promotors should refer to the R.C. Promotion Guide found here:

Executive Hangout

An Executive Hangout is currently being developed! Don’t worry, it’s public. For the time being, at least.

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To Our Players

If a moderator, high rank or developer violates these rules, you are advised to reach out privately to an executive. Please report this in an orderly fashion, stating the username of the person and the rule(s) broken. You are advised not to call the person out in public, as that may result in further complications.

We’ll gladly take suggestions for any of our rulebooks! I do ask, however, that any criticism is constructive.

To Tidal

If anything in this rulebook needs to be added or changed, let me know and I’ll update it.

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Other R.C. Rulebooks
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