RDC 2018 Parent/Guardian Passes

Hey Developers!

The release date for the first wave of RDC 2018 invites is quickly approaching, with subsequent invite waves rolling out on a weekly basis. In order to ensure smooth sailing with ticket purchases, we wanted to go over the specifics of "Parent/Guardian" passes.

Parent/Guardian passes are LIMITED access tickets, reserved only for the parent, legal guardian, or chaperone of RDC attendees. Parent/Guardian pass-holders will not be permitted access into the main conference floor, allowed to participate in the game jam, or allowed in any of the conference sessions.

However, they will be allowed access to the Friday party, meals, and a chaperone lounge full of snacks, beverages, and a livestream of the conference.


Individuals found violating our rules on chaperone passes (e.g. purchasing chaperone passes for friends/fellow developers, chaperones under the required age, etc.) will be removed from the event and subject to a permanent ban from all future Roblox events. We will be actively checking identification, so please be sure that your chaperone has their ID on-hand during the conference.

Thank you for your cooperation. We look forward to seeing you at Roblox Developers Conference 2018!



Oh nice

I had some questions about this. Thanks for the clarification!

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Do chaperones have to come inside the event? Or can they simply drop us off and show ID?

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would’ve been nice to know how much they’ll cost, if they will.

How does the invite process work? i.e Who is invited when? Is it random?


Thanks for the update

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So what if my parents do want to attend the conference floors, game jab, etc?
Would they have to buy a different pass?

I’m sorry, I’ve never looked into RDC until this year so Idk anything really.


I’m pretty sure those are reserved for people with invitations full stop

Can’t wait!

I can come alone this year, but if it’s like last year they can probably just drop you off and sign you into the hotel if that’s your issue – my dad came last year and signed me in, then went and enjoyed San Francisco for the duration of the event.


yay its happening!

As far as I know you’ll need an actual dev attendee ticket to access those areas (the ones only invited devs get). There’s not really any reason for a parent/guardian to access the mentioned areas. There’s no need for parents to take photo’s, as those will be taken by a few employee throughout the days. And if you need anything from your parent, you can always meet them in the halls etc. outside of the prohibited areas.

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I am old enough to go alone(17), but my mom doesn’t trust me to go alone, so I’m going to have to buy this for my dad to come along.

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International 16 years old, can go alone? I got all gov permissions… etc

When will the invites get sent out?