RDC 2019 Speaker Applications for San Francisco


Hey Developers,

Today we are announcing one of the most sought after opportunities for those attending our annual Roblox Developer Conference! We are looking for strong presenters from our developer community who would like to speak at RDC in San Francisco in late July or August.

Your topic needs to be Roblox-related and informative. This is your chance as a developer to become a speaker and share your expertise to those that are attending. Please keep in mind that you will be speaking publicly in front of hundreds of engaged developers if your presentation is accepted.

What this means for you as a developer:

  • Promote yourself as a developer on our platform
  • Gain an opportunity to speak in front of hundreds of amazing developers
  • Receive coaching and mentoring from Roblox Employees
  • Free conference ticket, staff tshirt, and more!

Here are some items you will need before you apply:

  • Title
  • Description
  • What you want attendees to get out of the presentation

All presentations must be submitted by January 18, 2019.

If you have a presentation that you’d like to submit, please apply through our survey-based applications HERE.

NOTE: If you are under 18 we will need a guardian’s approval.

We look forward to reading all the amazing presentations from our Developer Community!

Developer Relations Team


RDC 2019 mood already? Here for it :sunglasses:


Already posting applications? Quite a head start. Good luck to whoever applies.


Last year I remember seeing the 2018 post for this and having no interest whatsoever.
Now, I kind of think that I could talk on something that would be beneficial for the community.


yeah, I’m kinda interested in talking, but I’m not really specialized in one location to give a whole in-depth presentation over a single topic :thinking:


Its not even 2019 yet, this is early. More time to think about topics :open_mouth:


I’ve offered to present about Development Burnout and how I avoid that, because I know many of you suffer from that sort of thing. So hopefully they pick me, but heyyyyyyy. Best of luck to all you guys! :slight_smile:
I’m a realist, and a optimist.
But unfortunately those two are conflicting beliefs right now, haha.


now im getting hyped for RDC 2019, can’t wait to see all you guys again!


(this pic right here is why I need to be close to the center for the next group pic)


I’m thinking about applying but I’m not sure I’m qualified enough. For those that also are in my boat, I say apply anyway. What’s the worst that can happen, you don’t have to speak in front of your peers?


I’m surrounded by taller people! ;m;


Totally interested. Absolutely going to submit something


Doing the Monetization panel at RDC 2018 US and EU was a blast. Would be fun to do something like that again :slight_smile:




“Trying to make a masterpiece on a budget: A pre-postmortem.”


Definitely interested, submitted an application.


I myself don’t have anything interesting to talk about, but good luck to everyone who is applying!

RDC Hype!


I’m probably going to apply in RDC 2020. By then I’ll definitely have things going for me.


Sent in my application! Will be covering how I made neural networks in Vehicle Simulator and how they can be used in other games!


Ooooh I’m really excited for this one


I love that there is such a great opportunity for developers to share their knowledge with other developers. Will we see a similar opportunity for RDC EU?