RDC 2020 Speaker Applications for San Francisco

Hey developers,

It’s that time of year again: December! We’ve been thinking about RDC 2020 since the day after RDC 2019 ended, but now we’re serious in the deep planning phase.

With that said, we’re excited to announce one of the most coveted opportunities for all prospective attendees to our Roblox Developer Conference 2020: Speaker Applications! We’re looking for confident presenters from our developer community to give talks at the event in San Francisco in July or August of 2020.

“Whoa, that’s awesome! What are the requirements?” I’m glad you asked! Your topic needs to be Roblox-related and informative. You are speaking to an audience about something in which you would consider yourself an expert. This is your chance to share your knowledge and speak publicly in front of hundreds of engaged developers.

List of perks that come with being an RDC Speaker:

  • Free RDC ticket
  • The opportunity to speak in front of hundreds of developers
  • Coaching and mentoring from Roblox employees
  • Look like a total badass in an exclusive RDC 2020 Speaker t-shirt!

Here’s what you need to think about before you apply:

  • Title of your presentation
  • Description of your presentation
  • What you want attendees to get out of your presentation

We’ll need your presentations submitted by January 12, 2020.

Apply with your presentations here: https://survey.roblox.com/s3/RDC-2020-Speaker-Applications

NOTE: If you are under 18, we’ll need a guardian’s approval.

We’re looking forward to reading what amazing presentations you submit!
Developer Relations


Time to apply! I wish everyone luck. I’m sure you’ll have great talks.


Woah, okay uh-

Can new member apply? Or is it only allowed to members?

ooo, roblox said bad word


Awesome! I can’t make it to San Francisco but I can make it to London, speaking of that, will there be a speaker application for RDC EU?

Casually looks on skyscanner for flights despite me probably not going to San Francisco…


afaik all can apply, but you must be an expert on the topic you are presenting.


This is an amazing chance for Roblox Developers to express themselves! By picking users as speakers, this experience allows not only individual growth but also the creation of a greater sense of community.

Good luck to all applicants! :smile:

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Well, am 17 I hope there will be one next year but to all those who do good luck and I hope you all have fun ^-^


Is there going to be speaker applications for Europe? I still don’t know if I’m going to go US this year, but I’ll apply for this anyway just in case!


Ah, that’s pretty dope! I’m really looking forward to all of the insights I might be able to take-away from this kind of experience. :smiley:


This is probably a dumb question, but is it possible to talk about something with another person on the stage as well?

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Yes you can apply with another person! There is a question at the end that asks for anything else you would like to add, please include the other person username and have them apply as well.


Is accomodation/travel covered?


Last year hotels were covered but I don’t think travel is.


Might apply for this in near future but not this year. My plan is to visit the European RDC first, if there is going to be one in Europe then I might maybe apply for it. :slight_smile:


Being a speaker earlier this year was a lot of fun! It’s a great experience, plus you get to brag to your friends that you got to speak at an exclusive invite-only tech conference :slight_smile:

I’ll probably apply again for 2020.

Edit: I have submitted my talk proposal!


This really is a great opportunity, I’ve just applied. To anyone else applying, I wish you the best of luck and I can’t wait to see the variety of talks available at RDC.


Sounds like an awesome opportunity (i mean, being a total badass has its perks…)! Can’t wait to apply!!! :eyes: :star_struck:


Sound like an awesome opportunity

i like can’t wait

Considering applying to do a talk on using RTrack to find the best gamepass prices, understand advertisment reach, track what the new trends are and a whole lot of other features I’m planning on adding, not 100% sure if I’ll be attending again next year though.