RDC 2022: Submit Your Question to Builderman!

Roblox Will Work On Its Moderation Team As Fast As Possible

Keep in mind that things are all not fast and there must be rigorous work by the Roblox Trust and Safety team.


What’s the main programming language you used to create luaU?

How many years did it take you to finish luaU?

(my guess is c++ that was used)

There are like only approximate 1000 staff members at Roblox. There is over 2 billion players registered on roblox; Real staff cannot go through billions of players quickly. They used roblox bots;. Which is possible for moderation of a big span of players.

Only thing I agree with your post is the moderation bots; which should be a bit more advanced in my opinion.


may I ask where?

I don’t really know who to ask, but I’d love a 2D engine. Roblox started out as a 2D phyisics lab, yet making 2D games is challenging as of right now. I’ve submitted my question via the link, but I know that more “submit your question to xyz” is coming up.


I should have stated that I inferred that. My bad. I got that idea from how Roblox promotes Premium like in the image below.


They emphasize on the Robux, Premium Benefits in games, and avatar shop benefits, but they leave the trading part out for the “Learn More” to reveal.

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You know the little white roblox logo on the corner of chewbecca’s avatar means she’s staff, right?

Well, I’ve submitted my three even though I know for certain at least two of them will 100% be thrown out.

I really do hope we can get an official announcement on why when people report inappropriate decals and condo games they get ignored (often for several months regardless how much they get reported), but when they get ruben sim to tweet about them suddenly it’s a huge rush to ban all the adult content.

I also hope there’s an official announcement on why the DMCA/copyright agent denies legitimate takedown requests for stolen games solely because “we cannot control what people have on their hard drives”.


Just a theory:

I think that they really don’t want to care about anything they see as “unnecessary to get involved in” and they only care when the request is from influential people/groups that can cause major legal problems if Roblox doesn’t do anything about it.

It already is a major legal issue if they’re not following the law, but it’s not truly an issue in Roblox’s perspective currently solely due to the fact that what Roblox user can afford to go to court over a single Roblox game? And I sure as hell doubt any legal company would take a class action due to there not being that many cases of this happening (there’s not many people filing claims to begin with, and it’s only on the second and onwards claims for the same game that they get denied.)

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“When will Linux be supported?” I beg of you Builderman. TELL US!!!


Step 1. Buy Premium.
Step 2. Get extra robux from it.
Step 3. Cancel monthly premium
Step 4. Enjoy your free extra robux.


i think your thinking of the Bloxy awards.

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Cool opportunity, although I expect Roblox will most likely cherry-pick a few questions that they want to be answered for the qna.


This is the community’s chance to ask questions to find out the answer to our roblox founder!

Will Developer Forum Regular become obtainable again? We’re all ready to level up our skills and get good!

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Awesome to see Roblox still communicating with the community.

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ill leave the question here “will Roblox ever release Roblox toys and gift cards to countries like India and Saudi Arabia?”

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Here’s my question:

Hi. Over the past few years, Rōblox have been introducing new features in a way that only codify existing power structures on the platform.

The first example that comes to my mind is the User-Generated Catalogue (UGC). In April 2020, the single most sold UGC item was created and released on the platform. Though rudimentary in design, it was purchased 2,222,817 times as of 2020-10-23. This translates to more than 77,000,000 robux after tax. Assuming all the money was dev-ex’d, the item made 269,500 USD.

If I were reading this as an outsider, I will be immediately attracted to the UGC sphere! Why not get ahead of the curve when the next trend begins to circulate? Knowing how lucrative the metaverse is and how much more it will be in the future, I should quit my job and begin to research a means and an end to the ideal product. We know perfectly well that UGC accessories aren’t the end of the long journey that is innovation. When the next iteration of immersive tech comes on the scene, I will commit to being a first mover in the field and roll in even more than 269,500 USD!

Rōblox’s release structure is designed in a way that doles out opportunities and incentives on the basis that … they already made money on the platform. The UGC was designed in a way that someone like Maplestick, and only someone as well-connected as him, would inevitably use the first-mover strategy to his advantage. I have no doubt that advantage was literally handed to them on a silver platter.

All the while, thousands of ‘UGC concepts’ simply do not have a place to sell on the Rōblox avatar shop – waiting through approval cycles that yield a <1% acceptance rate.

I approach this question from a radical point of view, so I hope to hear a cogent and well-thought rebuttal that addresses what I see as an institutonalised barrier for new artists to break through and make it big.

Thanks in advance for the response!