RDC Level Up Spotlight: RedManta

Hey developers,

A few weeks ago, we announced a new program which will be an extension of our annual Roblox Developers Conference called Level Up! And it’s designed to help do just that - level up your game design skills.

Now, we’re excited to kick off our first Level Up event with the RedManta team! For those who are unfamiliar with RedManta, read on!

A Brief History

RedManta was founded by Alex Hicks & Ethan Koester in 2018 after the success of Robloxian High School (RHS). Since the game’s release in 2017, RHS has gone on to amass over a billion plays. And then, in September 2020, the company released their next title, World // Zero, which has surpassed 70,000 concurrent players!

Company Values

  • Push the Limits: Never settle for “good enough” and try new things

  • Have Fun, Make Fun: Have fun while creating games that everyone wants to play

  • Be Constructive & Receptive: Share honest feedback with others, and always be receptive to the feedback that others give you

  • Live & Learn: Don’t be afraid of failure and always learn from them

Approach to Game Creation

RedManta creates games in accordance to their values. They believe that if they have fun in the game creation process, they will in turn make games that are fun for everyone. They want their teams to have a strong sense of ownership over the game they are creating, so they encourage game direction and ideas to come from everyone in the team.

As they experiment with ideas, they release demos to see if the game would catch on and that process tells them whether or not they should move forward with the project.

Meet the RedManta Team

Alex Hicks: CEO

Hey everyone, my name is Alex, known on Roblox as AbstractAlex, and I’m the CEO of RedManta LLC. You might also know me for some of the games I’ve made over the 11 years I’ve been on the platform, such as Swordburst Online and Swordburst 2, Robloxian Highschool, and World // Zero. I previously interned at Roblox three times, and I finished half of my Computer Science degree with a specialization in game development before I dropped out to give RedManta my full attention.

Adam Schneider: Engineering Lead

I’m Adam, or Usering, and I’m the Engineering Lead for Robloxian Highschool. I joined the team when I was 16 and went full-time on it immediately after finishing high school. I’ve gotten the opportunity to work on sponsored events such as the Endless Summer Cruise and Minions Hunt.

Nathan Griffin: Producer & Lead for Business Development and Community

Hey everyone, I’m Nathan. I go by ImprobableAI on Roblox and I’m the producer for Robloxian Highschool and the Lead for Business Development & Community at RedManta. I was an intern at Roblox, then got hired as a full-time Product Manager for Roblox Studio, then left to dedicate more of my time to RedManta. I’m excited to share some of my expertise with you all!

We can’t wait to share our experiences with you in the upcoming Level Up event, where we’ll discuss major expansions to RHS and World // Zero!


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RedManta is such an amazing team! So excited they’re hosting an event. :laughing:

Is there a date when the event will kick off yet? Because I can’t wait to register for the Level Up event! Definitely won’t be missing this one. That’s all the questions I have, thank you!


Look at me in the middle :smirk:! Congratulations to the team :partying_face:! We have all worked hard! :purple_heart:


Although it would be against the rules to say anything negative about this team or outright speak out against them, I wish to say the following:

Many people have contributed to RedManta’s success, and this post omits mention of the talent of many developers that have contributed to RedManta’s games, but have not been compensated in proportion to their contribution.

Respectfully, I don’t believe they should be given platform in RDC, and I will not mention the specifics of why due to the devforum rules.

Again, this isn’t meant to be a “call-out” type of post. But reading this announcement post, I can tell that many facts are being omitted or misrepresented, and I believe this reflects on what will ultimately be presented in their talk.


Wow there is stuff I’ve never known about them and it’s such a surprise! I love how they’re featuring creators and this cool bring more attention and growth towards those creators. :+1:


Whilst I have no personal experiences with RedManta, I’m a bit disappointed that they’ve been given a stage at RDC. I’ve heard a few terrible stories of how they’ve treated employees, who’ve since left and seen more success without RedManta. A bit telling, isn’t it…


When I played Roblox when I was young, I’ve used to play Robloxian High School a lot, and I’m glad to see that the RedManta group is still around and making good progress for their games.


the anxiety I would have if my entire company relied on a platform that could make it or break it in one day


Congratulations, and good luck in the future! :grinning:


Always respected the developers of RedManta and their games, the fact that they are hosting an event is even more respectable


‘WorldZero’ is such a fun, interactive dungeon game, i’d say its sorta like Genshin Impact on roblox.
Now they’re hosting an event? Wow!


nice i cant wait to be in the team with other devs


Yeah! I remember playing RHS a while ago and absolutely loved it! I am a beta tester for one of the people in RedManta and he is great! Really fun to work with. Overall, great team guys!


Especially with the interesting decisions of the roblox moderation. I’d have too much anxiety.


We all aspire to be as great as them (:


I’m happy to see this, and I don’t want to make RedManta look like a villian, but I have heard some stories about mistreatment of employees. I’m very proud of them though.


Yay! I’m soo excited. Congratulations :partying_face:

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