[RDC's New Game]: Recruiting Developers

My group has shut down: Please do not contact me

Hiring Developers:

I am hiring developers for a brand new game that is going to be created by RDC. We do not know what the game will be yet, but we are working on it! We’ll see what happens!


[0/1]: Animator - You will animate the game!
[0/2]: Scripters - You will code the game!
[0/3]: Builders - You will build the game!
[0/2]: GFX - You will make the GFX for the game.
[0/2]: UI - You will make the UI for the game.
[0/1]: Music - You will make the music scores for the game.


Each job will have a different amount of revenue.

[ANIMATORS]: 5% of revenue until you get 100,000 R$
[SCRIPTERS]: 13% of revenue until you get 300,000 R$
[BUILDERS]: 13% of revenue until you get 300,000 R$
[GFX]: 7% of revenue until you get 100,000 R$
[UI]: 13% of revenue until you get 300,000 R$
[MUSIC]: 7% of revenue until you get 100,000 R$


We do not know what the game will be yet. We wanted to assemble a team of developers beforehand.


There is no due date. You need to work quite a bit, though!


You can contact me by any of the following ways:

ROBLOX: ChasingNachos
Discord: @ChasingNachos#8128
Twitter: @ChasingNachos


People like to know what it is they will be working on before they sign up for a project. You should probably decided on your project beforehand since people may not be as inclined to reply without one.


You should figure out a game idea beforehand. Most builders have different styles and some you may not like/need. It’s probably most ideal for us and you guys to figure out a plan because it helps us builders get a sense of what we may be working with or for.


And what will you be doing?


What happens after we get out share of the revenue?

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Are the payments shared or are they each person. (Example: 404k Robux for builder. Is it shared so you have 2 builders it will be 202k Robux each?).

It would make a lot more sense if you told us what you kind of game you’re going for, as some other people above me said. People have different styles that they focus on, and signing up and then later realizing it’s not for them will be a waste of your time as well as the player’s. And as for payment, will it be the percentage split between the two devs or each get the amount posted above?

I would also recommend an upfront pay as the percentage is quite low considering the fact that the pay might even be split per dev.

Another thing, How much is “quite a bit” I’m referring to the amount of work that needs to be put in. Is it hours per day or just in general?

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I’m confused to why a graphic artist would receive a percentage. In all cases I’ve seen, artists are paid one time, and that’s the end of the deal. It seems a bit uncanny that a thumbnail or similar would receive 1/3 of the amount a scripter would get for considerably less work. Not to mention, I feel like the percentages are a bit skewed. Scripters typically are paid more, because they have to deal with more, including integrating all the things the builders are making, and it is unusual that they’re paid exactly the same as a builder. I’m not trying to undervalue builders or artists in any way, I’m just stating what I’m seeing here.


Scripters should atleast get 15%. And a graphic artist should be paid upfront; not a recurring revenue until a certain Robux amount.

Only my opinion.


Your studio naming confused me with it being related to the Roblox Developers Conference. Might be worth changing


Up front payment is different from percentage. In this you case you think they’re both the same which is not true.

So in total it’s 58% distributed to the team. Though what I find sketchy is how you’ve specified “until you get”. This leads me to believe that the payout is temporary or it’ll be distributed separately until each x amount is reached.

My next concern is what the remaining 42% will be distributed as whether it be for yourself,or funding for future projects.

Vague requests like this can result in the Builder being overly paid or underpaid depending on the amount of work assigned to them.

If the payout is temporarily chances are they’re less likely to work long term for only a single 300k payout. Programmers are the most important in development, errors (bugs) can pop up at any given time. Some bugs can be so severe where it has a negative impact on the users experience.

Not everyone will be available 24/7, so you’ll need to be flexible on their schedule as they’ve got lives outside of development.

We as in RDC or we as in you’ve got a partner that hasn’t introduced themselves yet?


Importantly, what is your past experience? It’s all very well wanting to get a team together, but we know nothing about you and what history you have on ROBLOX.


You should really figure out what your game will be before hiring people because it’s unlikely anyone will want to join a team where they don’t know what they will be doing.


the percentage dosen’t even add up to 100, this whole post is a mess


So, alot of people have already said what i wanted to say but, you should plan what you are going to make, then recuit a team.

I don’t like how there’s ‘until you get’ because that doesn’t really tell me that i am going to clearly get paid. What if the game that the team has been working on doesn’t get any money?
And then there is these other things that other people have already said.
This post is pretty much a mess…

For one, the fact your group’s name is RDC is pretty oof. Roblox’s official invite only conference is called RDC, and I’m not sure if you purposefully are trying to gain attention via naming yourself the same, but it doesn’t make you look very good doing that.

Typically, Animators/GFX/Music are percent sort of jobs. Those are jobs performed by people who do tasks that shouldn’t make up a large portion of your game. Animators might be a large portion however if you’re planning to constantly be adding Animations, so I’ll slide that. I’m guessing you’re doing percent for everything because you don’t have the cash to pay people outright. Honestly, GFX, Music & Animations are likely to be things you can get later once the game racks in some cash.

Your percent total up to 117%. Removing the extra UI & GFX person (you honestly only need one of each of these) brings you down to 97%. Consider that. Also, I imagine you plan to take a percent for yourself. How much do you plan for that to be?

What are you doing? Are you planning to build? Script? Animate? Graphics? Interface? Music?
You wrote Zeroes across the board, so I’m guessing none of the above. Unless you have money to burn to pay people, that idea doesn’t work. You can expect everyone to make a game for you, and you do nothing & provide nothing, and wind up making stacks.

(I don’t agree with this philosophy) Scripters generally ask for upwards of 45-55% of the game’s revenue. They feel owed a large chunk of the game because they essentially make the skeleton of the game and you fill it with the pretty things with the builders.

Having no game details. No details involving yourself. No history of success. No due date.
You’re gonna wind up with Nobody. Wish you all the best, my dude. But you gotta face the fact that a whole lot of people are gonna see how this is structuring out, and realize that the likely hood they ever make a dollar of this idea, is little to none. And nobody wants to work for free.


After the revenue is completed, all perks in-game will remain, and your name will be on the credits.

Actually, I did end up with 55 people wanting to do the job.

Also, I will be scripting.

– ChasingNachos

the RDC in the title made me click because I thought maybe Roblox is doing a walk around and get each other to know type of game like they done last year.