Re-Add the feature to enable Bubble Chat

As a Roblox Developer, it is hard to enable bubble chat in-game without scripting. This process is very tedious and unnecessary, as people who are used to turning it on that way are confused now. Also, it was a lot easier to do before the removal of it,

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my development experience because I wouldn’t have to go the chat modules and mess with them. It would also help new developers with changing their chat settings if they cant script that well.


I support this! As a developer who’ve made custom scripts and forking into the chat, it has been difficult and very hard to create and edit in order for Bubble Chat to appear and work for a lot of users/developers that can’t tweek the chat itself.

Anyway, I have to create a couple of scripts and forking into the main chat inside studio and in-game to make Bubble Chat appear for all users and to customize it yourself with color and font changes to it for the game theme, but back in 2013 ~ 2014 in Roblox Studio, you could have Bubble Chat work and have all users use it as well.

With this being added, it’ll be easier for developers to go to the Players or StarterPlayer(s) folder or Instance and just Enabling/Disabling right inside the Properties tab and don’t have to fork and create a script or two for a Bubble Chat.

When you’re inside studio and going to the Players Instance, you can see that the ability to Enable/Disable:



Although months and years have passed since the topic creation and the disability of Bubble chat, there has been this topic that was made a month ago for the feature to be Enabled/Disabled again but as well as the update and release of the Bubble Chat Makeover, I hope they could add the feature back into games along with this update.


It’s very easy to enable BubbleChat.