Re-Allow Editing of Bug Report Titles

I am currently unable to edit bug report titles. This is quite irritating as in retrospect I wish to alter the title of one of my more recent bug reports.

Is there a specific reason for this change, perhaps to create the “efficiently routed” “data points” and “identify and resolve issues quickly” specified when the announcement of a forced Bug Report Wizard format was announced?

Regardless, I find this hard-setness to be pretty bad UX. If there is a specific reason for this change I understand, but if not, please let us edit bug report titles again.

Thank you, and please do not yell at me if there is a specific internal reason as to why I can’t edit titles.


I imagine the reason is that it allows forum thread titles to always match the title of tickets that are associated with them, but it’s rather frustrating that not even people with higher permissions (i.e. me and the other former Community Editors) can edit the title or move bug reports.

It comes at a significant UX cost because now if a bug is reported in the wrong spot, it will simply stay there since nobody can move it, full stop. Plz fix Roblox.


Hi @M_caw - thanks for the report! Are you still experiencing this issue?


I am currently able to edit bug report titles and change their category again- thanks for allowing us to do this! Marking your post as solved until further notice.


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