[RE-OPEN] Sandbox Interactive - Experienced Programmer Wanted! [$500USD]

  • We’re looking to improve on the current ROBLOX genre of City RPG games, with an immersive and highly interactive gameplay experience. Primarily inspired by Rockstar’s GTA series, the project is set to have a open world map focusing on a high level of realism in art and gameplay style. Highly ambitious, however we have the funding and developers to do it.
  • You’ll be working alongside the Project Manager and Lead Artist in adding functionality and gameplay to the game
  • You can expect to be a major part of this project as you will take the position of the Lead Programmer
  • Currently, our team is developing the map itself and assets for the game
Sheriff Station by psychoti1c_a, our Lead Artist

Tool Assets by Viscisosory, a commissioned modeler


We are looking for an experienced scripter to join our team as our lead programmer. We expect someone with an advanced level of Lua who is able to take on a variation of tasks and one that can put full focus onto this project. Progress is monitored daily, however, you may allocate your own time as long as the given tasks are completed on time. This is the perfect opportunity for an advanced programmer to earn some cash, further expand their skills and get recognition.

Required Skills and Background

  • An extensive knowledge of Lua, with the ability to create clean, debugged code with comments for easier modification as well as the capability of reading and editing already made scripts
  • A minimum of 1 full year of experience in Lua, the more the better as the jobs given can be rather difficult.

What to Expect

  • Custom vehicle chassis, alternatively, a heavily modified one w/ smooth drifting
  • Weapon (guns + melee) system, made to be easily modified
  • A extensive financial system in-game, (banks, ATMs, accounts, withdrawals, loans)
  • A well made and versatile store system that can be adjusted to be used for buying properties, guns e.t.c
  • Adding functionality to UI and camera manipulation for menus
  • General game mechanics (teams, spawns, health e.t.c)
  • Health system with visible injuries
  • Law Enforcement tools and systems
  • & more

Overall, we have our budget capped at $500 USD to the selected Lead Programmer. Payment will be done along the way as we see progress, in reasonable quantities instead of a lump sum at the end of the completion of the entire project. Additional compensation can be added if required.

DISCORD: addy#4908 - Send a request and once accepted, a portfolio of previous works, will place you into a group chat with our Project Manager.
Discord is required and will be our only communications platform.
You must be 13 years or older to apply.


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