Realistic Infinite Ocean With Bobbing/Rotation and Floatation

–Edit: currently adding multiplayer functionality (due a bug)
Hello! I am lolpkmaxo and for the last couple days I’ve been working on a project which is very efficient and is all run on the client and (using some magic) replicated on the server for a lag free environment.
I saw this post a while back and I really wanted to create what is shown on this topic Realistic Oceans Using Mesh Deformation! but I never really got around to it. A post was posted some time later which explained what what happening in the other topic but it only provided a model which didn’t have collisions and or floatation’s. later in the comments there was a comment that shared how to create a floating effect! sadly this was developed only for the player and didn’t work out good at all. It didn’t use the actual waves rotation and only made a plane under the player to basically fly.

I took all of these things and used my knowlege of lua to adapt the waves to be able to gain rotational values and floatational values, and my final product from all of this is this: image (the player model is temporary)

I will release this soon for all the people struggling with this topic because this shouldn’t be a thing only a few people can use.


Just wanna say a few things
Maybe add atmosphere if you havent already
Make water transparent
Remove the deafening wave sound (seriously, my ear drums just got a divorce with me.)

okay! ill make water transparent and lower the wave sound volume


Looks way better!
Make it reflective aswell.

It looks amazing but I feel like the sound quality is a bit low.
I’m not quite sure since I got hearing problems.
Definitely amazing work!

i replaced the sound with a high quality sound

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Sorry for mega bumping this, but I think it’s been a bit more than soon, and I have no idea how to make the water have physics.

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