Realistic LowPoly Trees [Help]

I am finding ways how to make a realistic low poly tree all the tutorials I found in youtube
I end up having over 100k tris in my model but I have seen some models like these: (Lowpoly)

So can anyone help me in this and tell me the process how are they created?

I can use blender so any method?


If you are using blender you can use the decimate tool so u decrease the anount of polygons

I am looking for the decal method But the decimate tool will not mess up its shape?

It doesnt destroy the shape unless u decimate it too much, but around 10k-20k will keep the shape intact

The image you linked:

Is absolutely accomplished with textures on a low poly mesh. The actual mesh geometry is super simple.

Were you trying to replicate foliage with mesh faces??


Yeah,Leaves with branches in a texture

But I don’t know how to do it

It looks simple but I don’t know from where to start.

Any tutorial on it?

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I found the method just by messing around

Tutorial for anyone also finding a method:

Find the texture with branches and leaves together with blank background

Create a plane and give it a curved shape and then UV map it with the texture

Create a trunk part export both Leaves and trunk in .fbx format

Now place the trunk part in Studio and the Leave part you made earlier change it transparency to 0.1 there you go now place the leaves in the shape as you like

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