Realistic Terrain | Is this even Roblox?

I find this quite the creation, IS THIS EVEN ROBLOX? Feedback tyty


Well, I guess XD I think these new updates are great as life but at the same time it’s getting a little to real me I love it to see it in showcase but when playing these games your roblox avatar does not even fit like you stick our more than wearing white in a black room. Again, I love it but it’s getting to real.

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Any color really doesn’t stick out as much as you think it would. I’ve configured the lighting to make it as realistic as possible.

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True, as for the lighting I think you hit it right on the point but just some more ideas.
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Right, I Added sunrays to the scene, but for some reason RBS didn’t load it.

I completely agree with you, i think this should be the point where they stop improving the graphics majorly. Right now its fine to me but if roblox continues like this we might have a r6 walking around a world with gta graphics.


A majority of games, popular ones atleast, use custom-created characters. More and more games are not allowing players to even use their Roblox characters since creating their own unique and fitting characters is more profitable and can more easily match their games theme.

Roblox should continue to grow and expand on their graphics. Don’t hold on to the past, if you do then the platform will never grow into the future.


Yeah thats a good point, it somewhat depends on what the developer wants basically. As you can ofc still make a game with a 2010 style.

True, I think they should stop because like you said it’s getting to real and we won’t be able to fit they might even change the avatars in the coming months or years.

Personally, I’d say keep going forward with the graphics. As any other game; Roblox deserves to provide the ability to allow players to make crazy realistic Assets and or Place.

If Roblox continue to improve their graphics, who knows what users can start creating.

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Yeah its just that in my perspective too realistic stuff doenst suit roblox, but thats just my opinion ofcourse.

Also, just like now; IF they do change them, there is a 90% change you will be able to fully customize and decide your own character via the character creation menu, just like now.

That would be a cool update but at the sane time being a person who played since 2015 I just like the old style better and I hope games keep the old style.

As he stated, anyone can create any type of game with any type of style. Endless possibilities.

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Same to me, i started in 2011 and im just used to roblox how it was some time ago.

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this doesn’t even look like the roblox i grew up with

Too dark. The lighting doesn’t match what the skybox would suggest either.

It is great, I do’t really have much to say except for an incredible job you have made. would recommend lighting the left part a bit as nothing s visible there. Just a bit, not too much. Thank you!

I really like lightning a lot, you also did a good job with the terrain and the trees!
Keep it up.

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I think they should keep improving the graphics no matter what, although I would love to see some kind of UI overhaul rather than new effects for the engine.